More than just parts

Ersatzteilangebot mit technische Informationsblätter und Schulungsangebote von febi

In addition to its exceptional range of spare parts, Ferdinand Bilstein stands out with comprehensive services, which, in addition to dealers, focus primarily on repair shops. These include technical information sheets and training programs.

Personal contact is established by our technical consultants, who are characterised by high professional competence in order to offer advice and assistance to independent repair shops.

Technical trainings: Added value

Above all, the technical consultants provide customers and repair shops with practical advice and support.

This is done mainly through competently oriented training courses in the following areas:

  • Suspension technology
  • Water pump/cooling system
  • Engine management (with focus on timing belts, timing chains and auxiliary drive)

Classes include typical damage symptoms or installation errors, which prevent claims and minimise time losses. Specialist tools and diagnostic techniques are also presented.

Know-how for repair shops and retail

A special service of Ferdinand Bilstein is the provision of technical information sheets. These differ in the type of edited content:

febi Tipp:

Product-related presentation of properties and advantages

technisches Informationsblatt für Produktbezogene Vorstellung von Eigenschaften und Vorteilen

febi Exact:

Product-related optimisation edition, overview broken down by problem, cause and solution

technisches Informationsblatt für Produktbezogene Ausführung über Optimierungen und Lösungen

febi Info:

Product-related explanation, which is delivered with the respective spare part and provides important installation instructions for repair shops

technisches Informationsblatt für Produktbezogene Erläuterung, die dem jeweiligen Ersatzteil im Karton beiliegt und der Werkstatt wichtige Hinweise zum Einbau liefert