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Quality from Start to Finish

febi Fuel & Exhaust System Parts

The fuel system supplies the combustion chamber of the engine with the amount of diesel required for each load area.

After igniting the fuel air mixture in the cylinders, the resulting exhaust and combustion residues are conducted into the exhaust system and fed to the exhaust aftertreatment.

Ferdinand Bilstein's product range includes a variety of different wear parts for the fuel and exhaust system – of course, in tested OE matching quality. The product range includes fuel pumps, fuel feed pumps, exhaust manifolds, turbochargers, exhaust pressure sensors and exhaust temperature sensors.

febi Fuel and Exhaust System Components

The Advantages at a Glance

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Efficiency: Long service life with low wear

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Elevated driving comfort thanks to the use of perfectly coordinated materials and perfect design

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Easy assembly thanks to perfect accuracy of fit

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Tested OEM quality: Ferdinand Bilstein meets or exceeds all certification requirements

"Emergency Run" in Case of Faults

In order to meet the increasingly stringent emission standards, the proper functioning of all components in the fuel and exhaust system is necessary.

The fuel air mixture must be constantly monitored and adjusted. This task is performed by the engine management unit on the basis of signals provided by many sensors such as the speed sensor, differential pressure sensor or needle lift sensor. This is the only way to achieve optimal fuel consumption and compliance with emission limits.

If a fault occurs in the fuel and exhaust system, the engine management unit can go into a so-called emergency run. Then it is only possible to drive into the repair shop with reduced engine power. The fault has to be corrected, so that the vehicle is ready for use again.

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A Clean Thing.

NOx Sensors from febi

In diesel-powered commercial vehicles and passenger cars, the urea AdBlue® is used in conjunction with an SCR system (Selective Catalytic Reduction) for exhaust gas purification. AdBlue® is an aqueous solution of 32.5% synthetic urea and 67.5% demineralised water. By reacting urea with the hot exhaust gases in an SCR catalytic converter, toxic nitrogen oxides are converted into harmless nitrogen and water vapour to meet the Euro 5 and higher exhaust emission standards.

To monitor the reduction process of harmful nitrogen oxides, NOx sensors (nitrogen oxide sensor) are installed before and after the SCR catalytic converter. They monitor the function and effectiveness of the SCR system by measuring the nitrogen and oxygen concentration in the exhaust gas. If a sensor fails, the engine control unit switches to a so-called emergency running programme. Depending on the vehicle type, the engine speed and power are reduced.

If the fault in the system is not rectified, in the worst case, the next workshop can only be visited at walking speed. febi Truck offers not just NOx sensors in it´s bright portfolio but also further spare parts for SCR systems such as fuel filler caps, urea filters and exhaust gas temperature sensors in the febi product range