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In the summer, the air conditioning system in the passenger car, in addition to pleasant temperatures, also indirectly contributes to driving safety.

Driver concentration can be noticeably reduced by increased body temperature, thus increasing the risk of an accident. The same applies to the heating system during winter: Stiff hands can dangerously reduce a driver's reaction speed.

Therefore, the air conditioning and heating system should be maintained regularly. Both repair shops and vehicle owners can rely on appropriate spare parts from febi bilstein — in OE matching quality and intensively tested by our certified quality management.

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The air conditioning system has two important functions in the vehicle: In summer, it provides for necessary cooling, in wet-cold weather it can prevent the windows from fogging.

The central element of the system is the air conditioning compressor, which sucks and compresses the gaseous refrigerant. In addition to this important component, febi bilstein has numerous other suitable products in its assortment, for example dryers, which separate possible water in the climatic circuit, valves, switches and sensors.

Heating system


In winter, the heating system provides the necessary comfort — and also contributes to safety, e.g. in the case of iced front windshield.

The heat from the engine cooling system is used to heat the cabin, the heat exchanger ensures that the heat of the engine is transmitted to the air in the vehicle cabin. The air is distributed accordingly with the aid of a fan motor.

In addition to these important wear parts, febi bilstein offers a comprehensive range of heating system articles, including control units and valves.

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