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Chassis Suspension

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Safeguarding a Smooth Ride

febi Air Springs and Shock Absorbers

For safety and comfort – even on uneven roads and with heavy loads – the right replacement parts make all the difference.

Driving would be extremely uncomfortable and unsafe without suspension. To transfer the forces of braking and acceleration, as well as the wheel forces in curves, it is necessary to maintain a constant connection between the vehicle and the road. Air springs and shock absorbers are the main components of chassis suspension. The spring carries the weight of the vehicle and allows the axle to move up and down to compensate for uneven roads and potholes.

Air Springs for Different Loads and Heights

As a means of increasing comfort and driving stability, air springs offer the decisive benefit of being adaptable to the vehicle’s current load condition with a variably adjustable air pressure. This ensures that the load is treated lightly. Furthermore, the adjustable frame height makes it easier to approach ramps of different heights and simplifies handling when changing trailers and swapping bodies.

Keeping Swinging Under Control

Shock absorbers are necessary components since springs can swing. They dampen this swinging and help maintain the tyres’ contact with the road. Worn and defective shock absorbers can cause the driving behaviour of the vehicle to deteriorate and the braking distance can also increase because of the poor road contact of the wheels.

Air Springs

From UV radiation and extreme temperatures to chemical substances and mechanical stress, air springs are exposed to a variety of environmental conditions.


Over time, the rubber hardens and small cracks form. In the worst-case scenario, air springs can burst if they are not replaced in time. Premature failure can be avoided thanks to the appropriate selection of the rubber compound and optimal arrangement of the two to three reinforcing fabric layers.

Steam vulcanization ensures an optimal bonding of the different reinforcement layers with the rubber. State-of-the-art production in accordance with TS 16949 leads to a durable and dimensionally stable product. Regular lifetime tests with up to 3 million load cycles serve as proof of consistent quality and a long service life is granted.

Shock Absorbers

As safety-relevant parts, shock absorbers are intended to guarantee driving stability and comfort in equal measure. To achieve precise damping performance and a high level of driving stability over a wide temperature range even under extreme conditions, special shock absorber oil is used.


The production is in accordance with the TS 16949 standard. Furthermore, to ensure for long-term durability, high-grade production materials – such as high temperature resistant seals – are used. febi collaborates exclusively with certified suppliers.

Through this method can OE matching quality be ensured across the entire product range. We have also considerably extended our range of hydraulic shock absorbers and, with more than 360 products, febi offers one of the most comprehensive ranges in the Independent Aftermarket.

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We offer a 3-year manufacturer guarantee and our products are available in 170 countries worldwide


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In order to underline our high product quality standards, we are providing a 3 year manufacturer's guarantee for all of our replacement parts – exceeding the statutory warranty. This is our commitment to quality. This is a real added value for everyone who trusts in febi products.