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When a truck slams on the brakes, several tonnes of weight must be stopped as quickly as possible. This can only be reliably achieved with high-quality brake components and a well-maintained and impeccably functioning braking system – every centimetre counts in the case of an emergency.

For this reason, febi exclusively offers commercial vehicle braking products in OE matching quality. Safety is always the focus: Our internal quality control tests the offered brake components for various requirements and loads. This is how we contribute to road safety.

With more than 730 components in our broad braking range febi is one of the leading brand in the Independent Automotive Aftermarket (IAM) for the most important European brands (“BIG 7”)

Furthermore febi has the highest coverage for brake discs & brake pads of 97% in the independent Aftermarket and therefore your No. 1 for Braking.

febi Brake Technology

The Advantages at a Glance

Broad braking range with the highest VIN coverage
for brake pads and discs in the IAM

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Materials selected and quality testing
according to OE specifications

febi brake discs & brake pads match or
exceed the ECE R90 regulation as required

The febi Manufacturer Guarantee:

Our Quality Promise – Your Added Value

In order to underline our high product quality standards, we are providing a 3 year manufacturer's guarantee for all of our replacement parts – exceeding the statutory warranty. This is our commitment to quality. This is a real added value for everyone who trusts in febi products.

Made For the Road,

Tested On the Race Track

In order to check whether febi parts can withstand the tough truck racing test, they have been extensively tested at the race track in the Czech town of Most. The brake discs were installed in a race truck and subjected to the ultimate stress test under racing conditions.

The positive outcome: the safety-related components proved their ability to cope under even the toughest conditions in a race truck. The remarkable thing is that these are not wear parts developed specially for the racing series, but rather standard brake discs designed for everyday use in ordinary commercial vehicles.

The performance of the discs was so convincing that they were adopted for regular racing operations. Professionals, including the experienced racing driver, Steffi Halm, and the former European champion, Gerd Körber, rely on brake discs from febi. Manufactured for everyday use, the replacement parts’ performance is excellent even under the extreme conditions of truck racing.

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The febi Brake Disc:

The Experiences of Truck Racing Experts

The Full Range

for Commercial Vehicle Braking

Slack Adjuster

Slack adjusters are responsible for adjusting the play in the drum brake mechanism. A drum brake uses brake linings to generate the necessary friction together with the brake drum.

As soon as the wear increases, slack adjusters have the task to adjust the play between the brake lining and the brake drum. It is very important to have a properly adjusted brake mechanism since an unequal brake force between the wheels can result in the loss of control of the vehicle.

Older heavy-duty trucks and trailers may be still equipped with manual slack adjusters. Newer vehicles built from 1994 are usually equipped with automatic slack adjusters which are also referred to as self-adjusting slack adjusters (S-ASA).

It does not require periodic manual adjustment and is highly recommended not to adjust unless absolutely necessary or in an emergency situation.

Brake Camshaft

Brake camshafts are the connection between the slack adjuster and the brake shoe. As soon as the brake cylinder actuates the slack adjuster, the brake camshaft starts to turn.

The S-cam pushes the brake shoes apart against the brake drum. Since the brake camshaft transfers the complete braking power, reliable function is essential.

Precise manufacturing with accurate dimensions of the splines – as well as the correct shape and hardness of the S-cam – is crucial for a safe and long service life.

Brake Shoe

Like brake pads for the brake disc, the brake shoes carry the friction material for the drum brake. When the brake is applied, the brake shoe is pressed to the inside of the brake drum where the friction is generated.

Brake shoes have to be precisely manufactured especially when it comes to the radius of the brake lining carrier, the geometry of the whole structure, mounting bores on the one side, and the brake shoe roller on the other side.

The brake shoe roller and the mounting bores have to be hardened to be resistant to wear. The friction lining is mounted with rivets on the brake shoe and can be changed separately without changing the whole brake shoe.

Caliper Repair Kits

The brake caliper is an essential part of the disc brake system. It picks up the brake pads and guides them. It clasps the brake disc like a pair of pliers. When the brake is applied, pistons in the brake caliper press the brake pads against the friction surface of the brake disc.

In order to press the brake pads evenly against the brake disc, parts of the brake caliper slide onto guide sleeves and pins. For proper function, the guides must always be movable. If corrosion occurs on the guides, the brake caliper can jam and tilt. In this situation, a stuck brake caliper must be repaired immediately to prevent overheating of the brake.

Diaphragm Cylinder

Commercial vehicles over 7.5t gross weight are equipped with a pneumatic brake system. When braking, the pressurized air goes into the brake cylinder. It pushes a diaphragm which again pushes a piston.

The piston actuates the brake mechanism. Pneumatic brake cylinders can be found on disc brakes as well as drum brakes. Due to its important role in actuating the brake, the brake cylinders have to be checked regularly.

The main reasons for damage is corrosion and a leaking diaphragm. If any doubt arises regarding the proper function, the brake cylinder should be replaced.

Brake Drums

Brake drums for commercial vehicles are heavy parts made from cast iron. The brake shoes press against the inside of the brake drum when the brake is applied.

The cast iron and the homogeneous structure is an important quality aspect. Furthermore, the accuracy of the manufacturing process plays an important role. The true running accuracy and the cylindricity must be within tight tolerances. Bad quality of the material or the friction surface can result in cracks which can cause dangerous situations due to the loss of brake power or even the loss of parts from the brake drum. In the event of a repair, the brake drum can be turned down with consideration to the minimum thickness.