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Consistent Quality. Full Stop!

febi Braking Parts

When a truck slams on the brakes, several tonnes of weight must be stopped as quickly as possible.

This can only be reliably achieved with high-quality brake components and a well-maintained and impeccably functioning braking – because in case of an emergency, every centimetre counts.

For this reason, Ferdinand Bilstein exclusively offers products with OE matching quality in the field of commercial vehicle braking. Safety is always the focus: Our internal quality control tests the offered brake components for various requirements and loads. This is how we contribute an important part to road safety.

febi Brake technology

The Advantages at a Glance

Übersicht der Vorteile für febi Kupplungen

Use of high-quality materials

Übersicht der Vorteile für febi Kupplungen

Balance of performance, driving comfort and longevity

Übersicht der Vorteile für febi Elektrik-Komponenten

Precision fit

Übersicht der Vorteile für febi Bremstechnik

Safety: Maximum braking performance, short braking distances

Caliper Repair Kits

In order for the brake disc to function properly, the brake caliper must be able to move easily on the guides. If corrosion occurs on the guides, the brake caliper can jam and cant. The potential consequence is the permanent contact between the brake pad and the brake disc. As a result, the brake pad wears out unevenly and the constant friction causes great heat which can damage surrounding components. For this reason, a stuck brake caliper must be repaired immediately. For this purpose, febi offers a wide range of repair kits for all common commercial vehicle brake systems.

Brake Discs

Extreme Test Truck Racing

The commercial brake discs from Ferdinand Bilstein are not just tested anywhere:

they’ve been regularly used in truck racing for years. Professionals, including the experienced racing driver, Steffi Halm, and the former European champion, Gerd Körber, rely on brake discs from febi - and with great success as demonstrated by their impressive racing results.

Manufactured for everyday use, the replacement parts’ performance is excellent even under the extreme conditions of truck racing.

febi Bremsscheiben für NKW

The Ultimate Endurance Test

100% Brake Effect

Bremsenprodukte mit 100%ige Bremswirkung werden exakt gefertigt

The ultimate endurance test

For all articles of this product group, compliance with manufacturing tolerances is therefore self-evident.


Every brake product from febi bilstein is precisely manufactured to ensure a 100% brake effect under all driving conditions.

Brake Pads

for Highest Requirements

Only the perfect interplay between brake disc and brake pads allows the optimum functioning of the braking. But only if the brake pad fits the brake disc, the best possible friction coefficient is achieved.

Brake pads are highly stressed components because they have to withstand temperatures of up to 800 ° C and must be mechanically extremely resilient. Furthermore, brake performance cannot be reduced by so-called brake fading at high temperatures.

Brake pads from Ferdinand Bilstein are finished using the so-called “scorching” process after manufacture. This involves "baking" the brake pads at high temperatures (approx. 700 ° C). Any remaining non-cured binding material left over from production is extracted this way. As a result reduced bedding in or conditioning of the brakes, as it has been known in the past, are no longer necessary.

febi Bremsbelägen für NKW

Advantages of the febi Brake Pads

Übersicht der Vorteile für febi Bremsbeläge
  • Friction value comparable to OE brake pads
  • High material quality, compression and shear strength
  • ECE-R 90 certified
  • Reduced bedding-in period, fully resilient after installation