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For highest purity

Various filters are installed in modern vehicles - from oil to air and cabin filters up to fuel filters.

They ensure that the engine works perfectly, but also that the driver is protected from harmful air particles.

febi bilstein offers a comprehensive range of filters in tested OE matching quality to ensure the best possible filtration performance:

  • Oil filters
  • Transmission filters
  • Air filters
  • Fuel filters
  • Cabin filters

febi filters


Absolute accuracy of fit
and stability

Use of high-quality
filter media

Best possible separation
and adsorption values

All requirements of vehicle
manufacturers are met

febi oil filters


Engine oil is vital for the internal combustion engine

It has not only the task of lubricating the moving components but also of cooling the hot components, preventing corrosion and keeping the engine clean.

Oil change intervals are getting longer, making the oil filter all the more important. The residues generated in the internal combustion engine, such as soot and other dirt particles, must be filtered out of the engine oil as effectively as possible. Otherwise, they could damage the engine by getting into the bearings of the crankshaft or camshaft and reducing the lubricating properties of the engine oil.

In order to facilitate a long engine service life, great value should be placed on high-quality oil filters. Only then the engine remains clean and runs "smoothly" until the next oil change.

febi transmission oil filters


Like the engine, the transmission also needs oil for lubrication and cooling.

In the automatic transmission, particles are generated by friction clutches, which must be effectively filtered out of the oil.

If the gear oil is not clean, this may lead to problems with shifting gears. High-quality filters ensure that the gearbox remains clean and that shifting is trouble-free for a long time.

febi air filters


In the internal combustion engine, the air filter has the task of removing particles from the intake air before they enter the engine.

On average around 10,000 liters of air for every liter of fuel is burned and contaminant particle sizes vary, include sand grains, specks of dust, soot particles or tire and brake abrasions.

Air filters from febi bilstein are characterized by their high filtration performance. They ensure optimal engine operation at different loads and protect pistons, piston rings, cylinder walls and valves from increased wear.

febi fuel filters


Fuels can contain impurities, for example dirt that gets into the vehicle when refueling.

If they are transported further into the engine, the particles can damage the injection system or the carburetor, for example by clogging nozzles. To ensure that the fuel is clean at all times, all internal combustion engines are equipped with a fuel filter.

Fuel filters from febi bilstein meet the highest requirements: They are resistant to modern fuels (for example with high ethanol or biodiesel content) and simultaneously ensure consistently high flow rates and filter performance across a wide temperature range (between -40 ° C and 100 ° C).

febi cabin filters


Cabin filters ensure that noxious substances, such as exhaust, dust or pollen are filtered from the air and not inhaled by the driver or passengers.

Activated carbon filters also bind harmful gases in their pores, for example ozone, nitrogen oxide and sulphur oxides, which are 10,000 times smaller than a human hair.

The cabin filters of febi bilstein sit firmly in their housings thanks to their custom-fit design. They convince with high filtration performance, reduce the pollutant concentration in the vehicle and increase the well-being and thus comfort during the journey.

Maintenance packages


Regular oil and filter changes prolong the service life of the engine.

A quality filter must have the capacity and efficiency to reliably protect the engine against contamination between today's usual maintenance intervals.

In addition to individual components for professional vehicle inspections, febi bilstein also offers complete maintenance packages. In these, all relevant components are included - except for liquids.

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