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Keeping it Clean

with febi Filters

Various filters are installed in modern vehicles, ensuring that the engine works perfectly, but also that the driver is protected from harmful air particles.

febi offers a comprehensive range of filters in tested OE matching quality to ensure the best possible filtration performance.

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Your benefits

Expanding Range

With more than 2,100 filtration components available, febi provides an all-makes range covering all popular vehicles on Europe’s roads, with more products to be added in the future.

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Highest Quality

All febi filters undergo a rigorous 3-stage quality control process to ensure they meet OE standards, reflecting the high-quality standards of the bilstein group.

Fast-to-Market Approach

New products are constantly being researched and added to the extensive range, providing you the right filtration solution.

Outstanding Research

febi guarantee the maximum precision requirements by exclusively relying on the official manufacturer’s Electronic Parts Catalogues - making the selection of the correct filter first time, every time.

Fit & Forget

Ensured by our 3-Year Manufacturer Guarantee, all febi products are designed to provide the utmost installation safety and durability.

OE-Matching Quality at All Times

febi rests its reputation firmly on the quality of the products it provides to the automotive aftermarket.

Every febi part is submitted to intensive and regular quality checking and filters are no exception, with all parts designed and manufactured to meet original equipment (OE) standards.

To ensure this, regular destructive and non-destructive testing is carried out to create a continuous supply of high-quality products.

You can be assured that all febi filters are manufactured to the highest standards and can be fitted to any vehicle without invalidating the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty.

In order to underline our high product quality standards, we provide a 3-Year Manufacturer Guarantee for all of our replacement parts.

Oil Filter

Vital for Engine Performance and Durability

Engine oil is vital for the internal combustion engine. Apart from its task of lubricating the moving components, it is also responsible for cooling the hot components, preventing corrosion and keeping the engine clean.

Oil change intervals are getting longer, making the oil filter even more important. febi’s oil filters are manufactured using premium-quality filter media and materials to ensure maximum engine protection and the long-term performance required by the extended service intervals of today’s motor vehicles.

They feature a high-quality, anti-drain back valve to prevent oil siphoning back to the oil pump, ensuring rapid oil pressure on cold starts. This in turn protects vital engine components from combustion and wear particles (including dust and soot) for an extended engine life.

Air Filter

Precision Construction for 100% Reliability and Performance

Fitting matching OE-quality filters ensures that the engine’s performance, fuel economy and emissions remain as originally designed.

In the internal combustion engine, the air filter is required to remove particles from the intake air before they enter the engine. On average, around 10,000 litres of air for every litre of fuel is burned – varying the size of the contaminating particles, including grains of sand, dust particles, soot particles or abrasions from tyres and brakes.

febi air filters are constructed with high-quality filter media to give the necessary protection and durability required for a long service life, with exceptional contaminant separation and resistance to moisture and humidity.

Regular quality control checks guarantee a precise construction for 100% reliability and the perfect fit, preventing unfiltered air from entering the air intake system and causing engine or component damage.

Fuel Filter

Flowing Smoothly for Maximum Performance

Modern fuel systems contain the most accurately-engineered components in an engine, manufactured to incredible tolerances of less than two microns and put under enormous loads.

Fuel needs thorough filtering against abrasive contaminants since impurities from service station refills and corrosion in metal fuel tanks are ever-present and can ruin the fuel system. To ensure that the fuel is always clean, all internal combustion engines are equipped with a fuel filter.

febi’s range of diesel and petrol filters are manufactured to original equipment standards to ensure the correct fuel flow and efficiency, whilst offering maximum engine and fuel system protection.

Cabin Filter

Protecting the Interior Environment

Cabin filters ensure that noxious substances, such as exhaust, dust or pollen are filtered from the air and not inhaled by the driver or passengers.

Every febi cabin filter is manufactured to the same exacting standards to guarantee a perfect fit and uses the same technology as the original equipment filter to ensure maximum passenger comfort.

febi cabin filters are designed to filter out particles to match the factory-fitted specification and use a combination of different technologies to achieve this.

Following OE specification, activated carbon filters attract and trap the smallest of particles such as NOx and hydrogen sulphide. This highly-efficient filtration promotes ‘passive driving safety’ - especially important during city driving.

Transmission Filter

Smooth-Shifting Guaranteed

Each febi transmission filter meets the specific requirements of its application and intended service life.

In automatic transmissions, particles are generated by friction clutches. These particles must be effectively filtered out of the oil as unclean gear oil may lead to problems when shifting gears.

The filtration efficiency is fine-tuned to match each transmission’s fluid cleanliness requirements in order to help guarantee transmission durability throughout its intended lifecycle.

The filter media strength is tested to withstand the most extreme ‘debris’ loads in severe wear conditions (i.e. at elevated temperatures) and is engineered to maintain fluid flow rates even as wear debris accumulates.

Hydraulic Filter for Haldex Coupling

febi have in range 6 Hydraulic Filters for Haldex couplings available within its range, covering over 650 applications. A Haldex coupling is an electro-hydraulic system attached to the rear differential and allows the vehicle to switch between front and all-wheel drive, depending on the demands of the road.

Maintenance Packages

febi offers complete maintenance packages with all relevant components - except for liquids. A quality filter must have the capacity and efficiency to reliably protect the engine against contamination between today‘s usual maintenance intervals.

Transmission Oil and Filter Service Repair Kit

febi Transmission Oil and Filter Service Repair Kits cover more than 12,000 vehicle applications and include high-quality filters, seals and installation materials, along with, certified “Made in Germany” transmission oil.

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