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The PLUS in Range

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Oil separator? Servo pump? We have those… and so much more! In fact, with a range of more than 34,000 replacement parts, febi Truck offers much, much more than you might expect.

With febiPLUS, we offer products that wholesalers, repair shops and consumers would generally only assosiate with OE manufacturers.

febiPLUS combines more than 1,000 parts of different product groups for all European commercial vehicle manufacturers. Not only does this show just how enormous the febi range is, it allows us to offer products to the Independent Aftermarket that are otherwise only available from original equipment suppliers and, at the same time, offer an ideal alternative for repairs suited to current market value.

Auflistung von verschiedenen NKW febi Teilen von febiPLUS

Your Benefits

Less competition

Developing and launching products that are not available from other suppliers proves our dedication to offering the widest and most diverse range of spare parts possible to the Independet Aftermarket. While the Truck market is diversified and we have competitors, febi always strives to find ‘gold nugget’ products that are otherwise unavailable yet highly sought after by customers.

Fast To Market

febi always strives to be Fast To Market with the right replacement parts at the right time when a new truck model hits the road; in particular in our market-leading areas of steering, suspension, braking, clutches and engine thermal management. We don’t just aim to develop, test and release products for new commercial vehicles as quickly as possible, we call upon our wealth of experience to make sure we put products on our shelves that we know our customers want and need.


Our own technical solutions

Parts which are not available from OE. These parts are mostly defined by an 'S' behind the OE number.