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febi Specialist Tools

The direct customers of Ferdinand Bilstein are wholesalers. Nevertheless, we are developing solutions that are always geared to the needs of the independent repair shops as well. 

In addition to technical information sheets, installation aids and training courses, this is illustrated by a selection of useful specialist tools.

They help to make repairs faster and more efficient. This saves time and ensures more satisfied customers.

Universal, Mobile, Professional

The febi Joint Free Play Tester (febi 80122)

The febi joint free play tester is ideal for easy and fast diagnosis of the steering parts on the front and rear axle.

Initial wear is already visible; a car lift is not required. Necessary repairs can be explained more clearly to the customer than ever before. The joint free play tester consists of a set for checking the axes as well as for fixing the brake.

Your Advantages at a Glance

  • Maximum mobility and maintenance-free: independent of energy sources, due to no electricity or compressed air
  • Noise-free test of the suspension (front and rear axle) in spring-deflected driving condition
  • All driving situations (starting, braking, cornering) are simulated by these test devices on the front and rear axles in the driving state.
  • No car lift required
  • Through the interplay of the testing equipment, all suspension parts (ball joints, rubber-to-metal bearings, connecting rods, hydraulic bearings, strut bearings, etc.) can be tested reliably in the upper and lower range.
  • Suitable for all vehicles up to 3.5 t 
  • A test up to 20 inch wheel diameter is possible using the claw
  • From practical experience for practical experience: The joint free play tester was designed and constantly developed further by a master mechanic.
  • Ideal for repair shops and service vehicles: the febi clamp case (febi 80970)
  • The clamp case by Ferdinand Bilstein offers a comprehensive range of high-quality and universal brand clamps.

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