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Keeping it Current

with febi Electric Parts

febi Lenkrad und Bedienelemente in Fahrerkabine für NKW

Numerous electrical components are installed in modern trucks.

Take the windscreen wiper motor as an example for just how important these components are - if it fails during heavy rain fall then it is quite literally impossible to safely drive the vehicle any further.

This makes it all the more important to install high-quality replacement parts. febi offers an ever-growing assortment of electrical components, all comprehensively tested to guarantee long-lasting  reliability.

Your Benefits

Übersicht der Vorteile für febi Elektrik-Komponenten


High functional reliability.

Übersicht der Vorteile für febi Elektrik-Komponenten

Precise Fit

Manufactured to assure an absolute accuracy of fit.

 Übersicht der Vorteile für febi Elektrik-Komponenten

Highest Strict Quality Standards

Designed with strict quality standards.

febi Worklights –

Good Visibility at All Times

febi Arbeitsscheinwerfern für NKW

Good visibility is extremely important for commercial vehicles or machines operating in low light conditions.

Modern and efficient LED technology ensures luminous efficiency with low power consumption.

  • All febi work lights are rigorously tested to ensure that each individual lamp delivers maximum performance.
  • Since they are certified according to the ECE R23 standard many febi work lights can also be installed as reversing lights.
  • At a minimum all febi work lights meet the high protection grade IP65, meaning the unit can be fully immersed in water for at least 30 minutes without suffering moisture ingress and damage.
  • Highest possible protection rating IP6K9K, meaning they can even withstand high temperature water jets.


Easily Visible From Any Angle

Rotating beacons are used in traffic to warn road users of possible dangers such as slower moving or larger trucks ahead, for example. As the name suggests, they emit light in all directions so as to be clearly visible from any angle.

febi offers rotating beacons with three different mounting types; a push-on connection, a screw connection and a magnetic base. Beacons with a push-on or screw connection are suitable for fixed installation on a vehicle, while those with a magnetic base can be attached to any vehicle without any additional brackets.

The range also includes optional accessories such as matching holders and replacement lenses.

Strobe Lights

Perfect Warning Effect

Warning! febi has added strobe lights to its portfolio!

febi supplies the lights as a ProKit with the necessary fixing material, crimp connectors, and shrink tubing for a professional and durable electrical connection. Grade IP67 protection ensures continuous safeguarding against dust and splash water.

Strobe lights from febi boast up to 19 different flash patterns. Strobe lights with ECE R65 approval only fulfil these in the first flash pattern.