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Staying on Track

The greatest challenge for modern, technologically complex commercial vehicles is the balance between performance, economy, and environmental compatibility. However, many of the roads which they are driven on are far from perfect. The chassis and steering are therefore often subjected to extreme loads which accordingly increases the quality requirements of wear parts.

For this reason, febi exclusively offers steering and suspension parts in tested, OE matching quality. As a result, the assortment available includes a wide range of steering and suspension components which contribute greatly to road safety.

With more than 2,300 steering and suspension parts, febi is one of the leading brands in the Independent Aftermarket (IAM) for the most important European brands (“BIG 7“).

febi Steering and Suspension Components

The Advantages at a Glance

More than 2,300 steering and
suspension parts in our range

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High resilience and longevity

Übersicht der Vorteile für febi Kupplungen

One of the most wide ranges
of steering and suspension parts

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OE matching quality

Numerous available parts prepared
as complete repair kits requirements

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Precise fit

Strict quality standards

Selected Range Highlights

Steering in the Right Direction

Steering is considered to be one of the most safety-critical systems in any vehicle with this being particularly true for large trucks due to the little space they have on the road. Tie rods and drag links are essential elements in assuring that the precision of steering does not falter. While tie rods hold the steered wheels in a certain position, the drag links transmit the steering motion to the appropriate components.

febi offers an exceptional assortment of tie rods and drag links with a precisely cured ball bolt for optimal stability and highquality graphite grease for wear protection. To ensure enduring results, febi also provides durable sealing sleeves and protective covers to reliably prevent damage while in transit.

With 735 tie rods and drag links in our range, febi provides all accessories, including nuts and cotter pin when necessary, via our ProKit.

» Meticulous manufacturing for absolute accuracy of fit

» Optimal surface coating for corrosion protection

» All fasteners are of the highest quality

» No.1 in the Aftermarket for Tie Rods & Drag Links

Creating Connections

Tie rod and drag link ends are the joining compounds that bring the steering process together. Creating a secure connection between tie rods and drag links and the steering arm on the steering hub assembly, tie rod and drag link ends provide a link that compensates for the angle of rotation.

Going above and beyond to provide the safest and most reliable tie rod and drag link ends, febi presents parts which possess protective covers that reliably prevent damage during transit, utilize an optimally hardened ball bolt, and have been precisely manufactured to assure accuracy of fit.

With a range consisting of 96 tie rod and drag link ends, febi also includes all accessories in the form of our ProKit.

» Durable sealing sleeve

» High-quality graphite grease for wear protection

» Materials meet or exceed manufacturer specifications

» No.1 in the Aftermarket for Tie Rod & Drag Link Ends

Quality “Made in Germany“

The steering behaviour of a vehicle can be adversely affected by numerous components of the chassis, including a worn out king pin. The knuckle assembly is connected to the axle body via the king pin wher e it is firmly pressed. It allows the rotational movement between the steering knuckle and the axle body.

Due to poor road conditions, overloading of the vehicle, contamination from spray, or a lack of lubrication, the king pin can fail and can get too much backlash in the axle body. The consequences of such include a constantly shifting track of the front axle and unintentional steering motions. As a result, the king pin, including the bearing, should be replaced immediately.

» No.1 in the Aftermarket for king pin sets

» Precise hardening of the king pin for the best possible durability and stability

» Ball bearings are in OE matching quality

» Made in our production facility, bilstein group Engineering

Sustaining Stability

Stabiliser links are dynamic components that aid in the process of steering. They connect the anti roll bar to the chassis and are used to absorb forces, which are generated from cornering, and transmit them to the chassis.

febi guarantees the highest grade of stabiliser links which use materials that meet or exceed manufacturer specifications. Stabiliser links are precisely manufactured for absolute accuracy of fit with high-quality graphite grease used for wear protection and optimal surface coating designed for corrosion protection.

Durable sealing sleeves are provided to assure quality for the 52 articles in our range.

» Protective covers reliably prevent damage while in transit

» Precise hardening of the ball bolt for the best possible stability

» All accessories included (nut, cotter pin if necessary) via ProKit

Smooth Experience

Axle struts are important features in commercial vehicles. They are used to hold the axles in position and absorb the longitudinal forces that occur during acceleration and braking. Enormous forces affect these parts, especially in heavy trucks.

febi provides axle struts that even exceed manufacturer specifications. Repair kits are designed to be compatible with various references for tailor-made repairs. To prevent unwanted vibrations and premature failure, axle struts come with bearings with a precise rubber hardness and secure crimping between tubes and joints.

» Wide product range with 157 articles

» Precise manufacturing for absolute accuracy of fit

» Optimal surface coating for corrosion protection

Fear No Force

V-stays, similar to axle struts, serve to guide the axles and to absorb forces that impact commercial vehicles. While they absorb longitudinal forces, v-stays also take care of lateral forces. To assure that v-stays can carry out these important tasks, febi provides carefully manufactured v-stays for absolute accuracy of fit.

Furthermore, febi utilizes optimal surface coating as a means of protecting against corrosion which grants us the opportunity to offer 50 products in the range.

» Repair kits for various references

» Secure crimping between tubes and joints

» Rubber hardness of the bearings prevents unwanted vibrations or premature failure

Going Further

Here are some further product highlights of our steering and suspension range which we are continually expanding upon.

» Steering Damper

Their task is to reduce vibrations in the steering system and ensure good directional stability. A defect in the steering damper usually means there is an oil leak in the piston rod seal. If there is no more oil in the damper, it can no longer dampen vibrations and must be replaced. febi obtains steering dampers from the renowned original equipment manufacturer, STABILUS.

» Power Steering Pump

These are hydraulic pumps and are driven by the motor to provide the hydraulic pressure for steering. Causes of failure are defects due to contaminated hydraulic fluid or air in the hydraulic system. Without the steering assistance, a truck cannot be steered or can only be steered with great difficulty. As a result, a defective power steering pump must always be replaced.

» Working Cylinder for Steering

These are hydraulic cylinders that can be used to control additional steering axles. If they leak, the hydraulic fluid can escape. In the worst case scenario, the hydraulic steering system can fail completely. A leak should therefore be repaired as soon as possible.

Complete Solution

With its ProKits for commercial vehicles, febi has established innovative, complete repair solutions for heavy-goods vehicles!

» Practicality-oriented, complete sets are perfectly tailored to specific repair requirements and contain all the necessary installation materials alongside the individual replacement parts.

» Additional trips to obtain replacements of items, such as corroded screws or nuts, therefore become a thing of the past.

» Saves workshops money as well as time.