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Staying on Track

The greatest challenge in modern, technically complex vehicles is the balance between performance, economy and environmental compatibility.

However, many of the roads on which they are driven are far removed from this perfection. The chassis and steering are thus often subjected to extreme loads, which accordingly increases the quality requirements of wear parts.

For this reason, Ferdinand Bilstein exclusively offers steering and suspension parts in tested OE matching quality. The assortment includes a wide range of safety-relevant steering and suspension components – and thus contributes to road safety.

febi Steering and Suspension Components

The Advantages at a Glance

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High resilience and longevity

Übersicht der Vorteile für febi Elektrik-Komponenten

Strict quality standards

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Precision fit

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Compliance with vehicle manufacturer requirements

Selected Range Highlights

Quality "Made in Germany"

Precise steering and directional stability provide comfort and safety. The steering behavior of a vehicle can be adversely affected by numerous components of the chassis, for example by a worn out king pin. The axle arm is connected to the axle body by the king pin. The king pin is firmly pressed into the axle body and allows the rotational movement between the steering knuckle and the axle body.

Due to poor road conditions, overloading of the vehicle, contamination by splashing water or lack of lubrication, the king pin can fail and gain too much play in the axle body. The consequences are a constantly shifting track on the front axle and unintentionally occurring steering motions. In this case, the king pin, including the bearing, should be replaced immediately.

Kingpins from Ferdinand Bilstein are produced in our in-house production in close proximity to the company headquarters in Ennepetal and enable a play-free and easy-going direction. Our king pin bolts are available in retail or as ProKit with all components required for a professional repair.

febi Achsschenkelbolzen für NKW

No chance for play

The steering of the vehicle is responsible for the precise control and thus one of the most safety-critical systems in the vehicle. Especially large trucks have little space on the roads and an imprecise control would be life-threatening. In addition, the constant correction and intervention is an additional burden on the driver.

If the ball joints in the tie rods or steering rods wear out, play in the steering are the result: The vehicle has poor directional stability and the direction of travel must be constantly corrected. If several ball joints are worn, the play of the individual parts accumulates and directional stability can no longer be guaranteed. These safety-critical components should be replaced immediately – with high-quality spare parts in specially tested quality.

febi Lenk- und Spurstangen, Endstücke für NKW

The right pressure

Due to the size and weight of heavy commercial vehicles, the steering cannot be operated solely by muscular force. Often there are even several steered axles. A steering support is necessary, which is provided by the steering hydraulics. A hydraulic pump, also called a power steering pump, is driven by the engine. It supplies the hydraulic pressure with which the hydraulic cylinders are driven.

If the steering hydraulics fail, the vehicle usually cannot continue. Leaks are often the reason for failure. However, the power steering pump can wear out as well. In case of mechanical damage, it must be replaced. The entire steering hydraulic system must be flushed in order to remove possible residues and chips. Failure to do so may result in damage to the new pump. In addition, new hydraulic oil should be filled according to the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer.

febi Servopumpe für NKW

Axle struts and triangular control arm

Axle struts and the triangular control arm play an important role in commercial vehicles. They hold the axles in position and absorb the entire horizontal forces during acceleration and braking. Enormous forces affect these parts, especially with heavy trucks.

At the attachment points of triangular control arms and axle struts are rubber bearings. These wear out over time and lead to play and noise in the axle suspension. In the event of a repair, however, it is not necessary to replace the entire axle strut or the triangular control arm. febi bilstein offers exclusively tested parts in OE matching quality and provides a wide range of repair kits in the product range.

febi Achsstreben und Dreieckslenker für NKW