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Potholes, cracks, bumps:
Many roads nowadays are far from perfection.

The suspension and steering are thus often exposed to extreme loads — this increases the quality demands on wearing parts.

Especially components in the area of steering and suspension are subject to special care in design, manufacturing and assembly. Because a vehicle drifting off the road can have fatal consequences for the driver.

In order to maintain stable road holding even in difficult situations, all installed parts must meet the high requirements for precise and high-quality manufacturing. With a wide selection of safety-relevant steering and suspension components, febi bilstein contributes to traffic safety — from the axial joint and the transverse control arm to the connection and steering link.

febi steering and suspension components



Strict quality standards

Precision fit

Compliance with vehicle
manufacturer requirements

Quality out of conviction

In the area of steering technology, febi bilstein is one of the leading suppliers in the spare parts market.

Example traverse control arm: The product range exclusively includes traverse control arms that ensure 100% driving stability.

That is why our certified quality management tests the offered traverse control arms for different requirements and loads.

These include precision fit, dimensional stability, material quality, tensile strength and hardness.

Small parts, great effect

Much of the repairs in the free repair shop market are not necessary for the repair and maintenance of suspension parts.

Due to the increasingly compact and lighter construction of modern vehicle axles, the susceptibility to repair of suspensions components has also increased. The modern wheel alignment does not stop at inconspicuous components such as nuts and bolts.

Particularly in the area of the vehicles suspension and chassis, special fastening materials are often used to meet the high safety requirements.

In most cases, these are self-locking nuts and bolts. Safety washers, jockey pulleys, combination bolts, combination nuts, expansion screws, crown nuts and splints as well as nuts with plastic insert are used, among other things. In order to prevent an unwanted reaction and thus a very strong connection of different materials (such as aluminium and steel), the connecting materials are often covered with special coatings.

Therefore, it is essential to renew all additional materials!

febi ProKit


With ProKit, febi bilstein offers an innovative product line, which saves workshops time and money, as febi ProKits are guaranteed to contain all the parts needed for the repair in question.


febi ProKit is the practically-oriented, tailored to the respective repair requirement  solution. Workshops can carry out necessary repairs without delay, which doesn't just save time and money, but also increases customer satisfaction.

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