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Especially for long-distance drivers, who often travel roads and motorways for days on end, the cabin is a kind of a second home.

During the drive, it represents the workplace, in the necessary resting phases it serves as living and sleeping quarters. The requirements for ergonomics, safety and comfort are correspondingly diverse.

To do this balance justice, febi bilstein offers a wide range of cabin components for professional vehicle repairs, including gas springs, tipping cylinders, cabin suspensions and shock absorbers, locking cylinders and gear shift knobs – of course in original equipment quality.

Gas springs


Gas springs are used in many places in commercial vehicles and facilitate the opening, closing, lifting and lowering of various components. These include luggage compartments, bed cabins, bonnets, rear hatches, driver seats or roofing systems.

The durability of a gas spring can be severely impaired by several factors. In addition to frequent actuation, severe temperature fluctuations, dirt and resulting scratches in the piston rod may lead to premature wear.

febi bilstein relies on constant premium quality for gas springs with an exclusive aftermarket partnership with original equipment supplier Stabilus.

Cabin suspension and mounting


Since the driver often spends many hours in the driver's cab every day, and for a few days in a row, comfort is an important topic.

As soon as the vehicle moves, the cabin suspension plays a central role – it must perform perfectly, especially on bad roads.

If the cabin suspension and mounting are noticeable by noise, atypical vibrations or movements, they should be checked for possible defects.

febi bilstein offers a comprehensive range of driver cab bearings and shock absorbers, which have been intensively tested by our certified quality management.

Cab tipping system

Typically, the cab tipping system is a hydraulic system consisting of a manual or electric pump, hydraulic lines and a hydraulic cylinder.

It is often neglected, since it is not required for regular driving operations. However, if the driver's cab has to be tipped, it is particularly annoying if this component does not work and the access to the engine is denied.

Therefore, the components of the driver's cab tipping system should be regularly inspected and exchanged for high-quality components in case of repair.