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High-tech in the aftermarket

In modern passenger cars, there is hardly any area that can get by without electronics.

The number of built-in electronic components is growing steadily and cars have become high-tech vehicles – safer, more comfortable and more environmentally friendly.

Ferdinand Bilstein offers a dynamically growing assortment of spare parts in the electronics and sensor area in OE matching quality, suitable for various vehicle types.

We exclusively carry quality parts, for example, exhaust pressure sensors, EGR valves, ignition coils and air flow meters in our product range.

febi electronics and sensor components


Robust construction for flawless operation despite environmental influences

Optimal accuracy of fit
for trouble-free repair

Tested according to
strict quality standards

The requirements of vehicle manufacturers are met or exceeded

Electrics or electronics?

Electrics generally refer to simple electrical circuits, which are interrupted or closed by means of switches or relays. However, in modern vehicles such simple electrics are no longer sufficient to control complex systems such as injection or air conditioning systems.

In the case of electronics, not only is current conducted, but rather signals are transmitted via the circuits. These signals are generated and processed by sensors or control units. Complex electronics ensure, among other things, that our engines are economical and environmentally friendly.

Since electronic systems are much more complex than vehicle electrics, their quality is all the more important. If an electronic component fails, a complete system is usually compromised. This is why Ferdinand Bilstein relies on stringent quality control in the field of electronics and sensors.

Quality thanks to X-ray vision

At Ferdinand Bilstein, quality control of electronic components is performed using a high-resolution X-ray machine.

In the randomly performed sample inspection of incoming goods, a check is carried out to determine, amongst other things, whether circuit boards, resistors and capacitors are damaged or the wiring may be kinked.

In addition, the connection points to the circuit boards and the soldering of resistors and capacitors are tested.

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