Maintaining a Constant Flow

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Maintaining a Constant Flow

with febi Fluids

The use of lubricants and coolants as well as hydraulic fluids is indispensable for vehicles to achieve a consistent performance level.

The mechanical, moving components of an internal combustion engine would overheat without oil and wear out rapidly as a result of frictional forces. In addition, liquids are used to transmit forces and protect the engine against corrosion and solid foreign substances, such as combustion residues or dust. 

Ferdinand Bilstein offers a wide range of fluids and lubricants for all current models of European commercial vehicle manufacturers.

Our fluids and lubricants are exactly matched to the manufacturer's requirements and offer an excellent alternative in OE matching quality. 

febi Fluids

The Advantages at a Glance

Übersicht der Vorteile für febi Flüssigkeiten

High freezing, corrosion and cavitation protection

Übersicht der Vorteile für febi Flüssigkeiten


Prevention of deposits
and foam formation

Übersicht der Vorteile für febi Flüssigkeiten

Excellent lubricating properties,
high resistance to ageing and
high wetting and sticking properties

Übersicht der Vorteile für febi Flüssigkeiten


Compliance with vehicle
manufacturer requirements

The Right Oil

for the Right Engine

Not every engine oil is created equal. Therefore, the manufacturer's requirements regarding quality, neutrality and flow behaviour must not be considered solely during the warranty period of a vehicle. 

The refilling of incorrect or inferior oils can cause engine damage, which can lead to the guarantee being extinguished if the manufacturer's requirements are not met. 

As a reliable partner in the spare parts market, Ferdinand Bilstein offers the right solution for heavy commercial vehicles. febi oils are not universal products, but are tailored to the special requirements of the vehicle manufacturers.

The high-quality base oils made in Germany often exceed manufacturer requirements in combination with the latest additives and thus enable the highest wear protection. 

febi has extended its fluid portfolio by adding five new truck gear oils for axle drive and manual transmissions. It has an especially high quality, that is guaranteed by an experienced supplier – made in Germany. 

The All-Round Supply

For Heavy Commercial Vehicles

It goes without saying that Ferdinand Bilstein supplies not only quality motor oil, but also other important operating materials:


Our Antifreeze offer protection not only at low temperatures, but are characterised by their particularly high corrosion protection. 

The cooling system is thus reliably protected from deposits over the entire change interval. 

In addition, the service life of the water pump and thermostat is extended, seals and hoses remain elastic and the performance of the cooling system is kept constant. 

Greases and Pastes

Our Greases and Pastes also consist of high-quality lubricants in combination with special thickeners and additives which guarantee maximum wear protection.

Thanks to their high pressure resistance and the wide temperature range, febi greases/pastes are suitable for a wide range of applications and are suitable, among other things, for use with constant velocity joints or central lubrication systems.


A Contribution to Environmental Protection

febi Harnstoff für NKW

The high-purity urea solution was developed as an additional fuel in order to comply with the emission limits for commercial vehicles starting with the Euro IV standard. All diesel trucks with SCR technology that fall into this category require urea.

It consists of 32.5% urea, a harmless, synthetic nitrogen compound, and demineralised water. The so-called selective catalytic reduction (SCR technology) is based on this urea. The environmentally damaging nitrogen oxides (NOx) are almost completely converted into water vapour and atmospheric nitrogen.  

In addition to AdBlue®, Ferdinand Bilstein also offers AdBlue® filters with seal and add-on material as well as fuel covers for AdBlue® tanks.

Optimal Packaging Design

Fluid products from Ferdinand Bilstein are excellent price alternatives. This is not only reflected in the quality - in many cases they even surpass the requirements of the vehicle manufacturers - but even in the user-friendly packaging design.

The unambiguous product identification and corresponding colour coding ensure user-friendly application. In addition, recessed handles facilitate filling and visibility strips indicate the fill level.

Fluids from Ferdinand Bilstein are leak-proof and are delivered in recyclable PE plastic bottles. 

Verpackungs-Design von febi Produkten für NKW