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Fill it Up!

with febi Fluids

Whether you’re working on the field, transporting heavy weight or simply delivering parcels, every truck, bus and off-highway vehicle requires high-quality fluids and chemicals for reliability and performance.

From powerful trucks and buses to tractors and everything in-between, febi has exactly what you’re looking for - from start to finish.

Trust in febi Fluids & Chemicals!

Your Benefits

Competitive Range

febi’s comprehensive range of high-quality fluids and chemicals covers road going commercial and agricultural vehicles.


Highest Quality

We can ensure that all fluid products meet the bilstein group’s high quality standards - making them a top-quality, value-for-money alternative to the original.

One-Stop Shop

Alongside our broad selection of fluids, febi offers a huge range of car, LCV and truck parts. Over 48,000 products are available - and counting!

Practical, Eco-Friendly Packaging

All febi fluids are packaged in recyclable, leak-proof Polyethylene bottles featuring high-quality labels with clear product identification and colour coding.

Produced to Regulation

Produced to the highest standards in Germany and other European countries, febi fluids always adhere to vehicle manufacturer specifications and industry regulations.

Wear Protection and Beyond

State-of-the-art technology with high-quality base oils and modern additive packages ensure that febi engine oils exceed all requirements of common commercial vehicle manufacturers.

Smooth shifting in all driving conditions

febi gear oils are carefully formulated with high-quality base oils for outstanding shear resistance, oxidation and thermal stability; minimising degradation and guaranteeing critical gears are protected.

Keeping it cool in all conditions

Coolant not only protects against freezing - it also safeguards the entire cooling system of the engine - most notably keeping the radiator, water pump and cooling ducts free from corrosion that can reduce their performance and longevity.

Protecting the environment

This high-purity AdBlue® / Urea solution was developed to lower the emissions of diesel engines, helping commercial vehicles comply with reduced emission limits - originally the Euro IV standard.

The system almost completely converts Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) to water vapour and atmospheric Nitrogen, significantly reducing vehicle pollution and improving air quality for everyone.

Pure Fluid Power

Only the right oil can guarantee the hydraulic systems in a vehicle operate safely and remain reliable. febi’s high-quality hydraulic fluids are precisely formulated to perfectly match the unique requirements set by each vehicle manufacturer. 

When it comes to technical fluids, febi offers far more than just oils. Grease for roller bearings, heavy-duty grease for central-lubrication systems, mounting paste for plastic bushes and brake pistons, ceramic paste and even thread lock are all available for the proper maintenance and servicing of commercial vehicles.

MultiPLUS Absorber

Accidental spillages are an unfortunate part of everyday workshop life. MultiPLUS Absorber efficiently deals with oil and other automotive fluid spills, making cleaning up quick and easy.

MultiPLUS ECO Oil Stain Remover

febi’s new MultiPLUS ECO Oil Stain Remover is the perfect all-in-one cleaning solution to use on contaminated or oil-stained workshop floors. It’s equally suitable for use in the home and private garage too, or anywhere else its incredible cleaning power will get the job done!

bilstein group
on the Road to Sustainability

Helping the environment for future generations

As an innovative company with 180 years of tradition, the bilstein group is determined to protect the wellbeing of future generations.

Sustainability is of particular importance and, as a result, we always develop our fluids with the environment in mind, continuously improving our range as we strive for greater and greater efficiency and eco-friendliness.

Did you know? 
Environmentally-compatible lubricants have properties such as friction reduction and wear and corrosion protection, both contributing to energy saving and reduced CO2 production.

100% CO2-neutral 
We rely on partners with CO2-neutral production capabilities, ensuring we do our part to lower emissions and that all febi oils are as environmentally friendly as possible.