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Light Commercial Vehicles

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Ferdinand Bilstein also offers a constantly growing range of spare parts in the field of light-duty commercial vehicles (up to 7.5 tonnes of permissible total weight) in tested OE matching quality.

In addition to numerous passenger vehicle parts that are also suitable for vans, Ferdinand Bilstein offers a selection of components intended solely for use in light-duty commercial vehicles.

Vans account for around 9 percent of the entire fleet in Europe. In most cases, they are used to transport goods and passengers in cities.

Due to the associated short-range operations, particularly steering parts, but also suspension strut mounts, gas springs or rubber bearings, are subject to increased wear. Regular maintenance is therefore indispensable.

Passenger Vehicle or Truck?

Depending on their intended use, vans can be registered as cars or trucks in several countries. This applies to delivery vans as well as models with flatbed or pickup.

Classic commercial vehicles are for example: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, VW Crafter, Renault Master, Fiat Ducato, Ford Transit, IVECO Daily. In the lower weight class they are complemented by models like the Renault Kangoo, Opel Combo or VW Caddy.

Ferdinand Bilstein is oriented towards the supply of passenger vehicles for the allocation of product groups for light commercial vehicles. Accordingly, the information assigned to the respective product groups also applies to vans.

febi PKW und NKW

The product groups for passenger cars also apply to LCV. Click here for the corresponding information.

febi Ersatzteile Lenkung & Aufhängung für PKW
febi Ersatzteile Gummimetall für PKW
febi Ersatzteile Bremsanlage für PKW
febi Ersatzteile Motormanagement für PKW
febi Ersatzteile Elektrik für PKW
febi Ersatzteile Motorkomponenten für PKW
febi Ersatzteile Motorsteuerung für PKW
febi Ersatzteile Motor-Thermomanagement für PKW
febi Ersatzprodukte Flüssigkeiten für PKW
febi Ersatzteile Filter für PKW
febi Ersatzteile Radbefestigung für PKW
febi Ersatzteile Antriebsstrang für PKW
febi Ersatzteile Karosserie & Innenraum für PKW
febi Ersatzteile Spezialwerkzeuge für PKW
febi Ersatzteile febiPLUS für PKW