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Smooth Transitions

with febi Drivetrain Parts

The drivetrain transmits the power of the engine to the wheels - and thereby sets every vehicle in motion. Numerous components work together to accomplish this central and complex task. Only high-quality products should be used in order to harmonise them perfectly.

For TRUCKS, universal joints and cardan shaft centre bearings are classic spare parts, amongst others. Because if the connection to the transmission or differential or the Propeller Shaft Centre Support is worn out or damaged, it does not take long before the power transmission fails and the vehicle breaks down.

Ferdinand Bilstein exclusively carries OE matching quality drivetrain products. The wide assortment ranges from drivetrain shafts and complete drivetrain shaft joint kits to wheel bearings and wheel hubs to joint discs and axle collars.

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The Advantages at a Glance

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High resilience
and longevity

 Übersicht der Vorteile für febi Elektrik-Komponenten

Strict quality standards

Übersicht der Vorteile für febi Elektrik-Komponenten

Precision fit

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Compliance with vehicle
manufacturer requirements

Wheel Bearings

Intensively Tested

Wheel bearings guide the wheels and absorb the forces that are generated during their rotation and, for example, during cornering. Straight drivetrain parts, in particular, are subject to special care in design, manufacturing and assembly.

This is why Ferdinand Bilstein exclusively offers wheel bearings in tested OE matching quality.

In order to ensure an absolutely reliable absorption of the radial and axial forces which occur during acceleration, braking and cornering, wheel bearings from Ferdinand Bilstein are intensively tested.

Our certified quality management tests the offered wheel bearings for different requirements and loads. These include precision fit, dimensional stability, material quality, tensile strength and hardness.

A defective wheel bearing is noticeable by noise during the drive, increased bearing play or an even more than usual heated wheel hub.

If it is not repaired immediately, damage to the wheel hub, blockage of the wheel or even a vehicle fire can result from the resulting friction heat.

Ferdinand Bilstein also offers complete wheel bearing sets. To ensure that repairs are carried out quickly and no time is lost due to missing parts, the wheel bearings are usually delivered with locking rings and axle nuts.

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