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No tolerance for errors

Engine components are indispensable components of any engine.

This is why a zero tolerance applies to engine parts in the event of errors. If damage occurs on individual components, the entire engine can quickly be affected. The result: complicated repairs, combined with high costs.

The material quality of all engine control components is crucial for the safe functioning of the engine. This applies, amongst others, to the camshaft, cylinder head and associated components. Therefore, febi bilstein only offers cylinder head components in tested OE matching quality.

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The combustion chamber above the cylinders is sealed by the cylinder head, which is fixed to the cylinder block by means of the cylinder head bolts and gasket.

All components are subjected to extreme conditions during driving — mainly due to the enormous temperatures that occur during the combustion process.

Only by installing high-quality spare parts can it be ensured that all components work flawlessly at all times.

Camshaft exchange


The camshaft closes and opens the intake and exhaust valves of the engine. Thanks to state-of-the-art production technology, cylinder head components for modern vehicles are designed to last.

If a component has to be exchanged nevertheless, it is essential that all relevant accessories are checked and, if necessary, replaced as well. In addition to the camshaft, this includes cam followers, rocker arm shafts, rock or toggle levers, ball bolts, hydraulic valve adjustment elements and pressure or valve adjusting washers. It is also useful to replace the timing chain or belt.

febi bilstein's product range consists exclusively of camshafts, which are hardened and meet or even surpass the approval requirements of the vehicle manufacturers.

Lubricates, cools, protects

To avoid unnecessary friction between engine components, the engine is lubricated with oil. As a result, the engine components are cooled and protected against corrosion.

At the same time, the oil ensures that wear particles, combustion residues and other contamination are removed. Correspondingly, reliable quality should be ensured for all wear parts of the engine lubrication, such as the oil pump, the oil cooler or the oil pan.

febi bilstein has a comprehensive range of products in tested OE matching quality for all current European brands and models. Our certified quality management tests the offered parts for different requirements and loads.

Oil pump


In order for the engine to be lubricated continuously and evenly, the oil has to circulate non-stop. This task is performed by the oil pump.

Failure of this part can result in serious engine damage. Therefore, the functionality should be checked at the slightest hint with an oil pressure gauge.

To ensure that the engine is supplied continuously and with the oil pressure and oil quantity specified by the vehicle manufacturer, oil pumps from febi bilstein are intensively tested. The product range exclusively includes oil pumps that meet or even exceed the vehicle manufacturer requirements for pressure and flow.

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