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A Climate you’re in Control of

febi Air-Conditioning & Heating Parts

The air conditioning system is important to maintain pleasant temperatures in the driver's cab during the warmer months. In order to provide cooling, a compression refrigeration system is used in motor vehicles: A refrigerant circulates in the closed circuit and changes constantly between liquid and gaseous state. No chill is produced, but the heat conveyed into the vehicle is extracted from the air.

Air conditioning is also used in winter and in wet-cold weather: They prevent window fogging by dehumidifying the air. Even more important, of course, is the heating function during cold months, which provides for pleasant warm temperatures.

Whether air conditioning or heating system: Ferdinand Bilstein has the right commercial spare parts – of course, in tested OE matching quality. Our internal quality control tests the offered climate and heating components for various requirements and loads.

febi Components for Air Conditioning and Heating Systems

The Advantages at a Glance

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Excellent wear protection

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Precision fit

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Strict quality standards

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Compliance with the requirements of vehicle manufacturers

Air Conditioning

Regular Maintenance is Important

Vehicle manufacturers generally do not require maintenance for air conditioning systems. Nevertheless, the system should be checked regularly. The reason: Vehicle air conditioning systems lose an average of 8 % of refrigerant per year through hoses, O-rings and shaft seals on the compressor.

At the latest, maintenance should be performed when the cooling performance of the air conditioning system decreases. The refrigerant and the amount of oil in the system must be checked and, if necessary, refilled to prevent the compressor from being damaged by lack of lubrication and to ensure efficient cooling performance.

Ferdinand Bilstein recommends that the air conditioning system be maintained every two years. The system should be completely evacuated and new refrigerant as well as the required oil must be refilled in the quantity prescribed by the vehicle manufacturer.

Ideally, the filter dryer, which binds particles and moisture in the refrigerant circuit, is also replaced because it becomes saturated with time.

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Air Conditioning Compressors

Always Stay Cool

febi Klimakompressoren für NKW

The air conditioning compressor is the heart of the air conditioning system. It is usually driven directly by the engine via the belt drive. Its task is to adsorb and compress the gaseous refrigerant in the air conditioning circuit.

In the winter months, the long inactivity of the air-conditioning system – combined with a lack of maintenance – is a frequent cause of the air conditioning compressor's failure. The loss of lubrication oil, entering of water or insufficiently filled refrigerant can also lead to a defect.

In the case of mechanical damages to the compressor, the other parts of the air conditioning system such as condenser, heat exchanger, expansion valve and hoses should also be replaced if there is a suspicion that chips are present in the system.

Otherwise, the new compressor could be damaged again if chips are released from other components. Flushing the system can also not rule out the possibility that a remaining chip will break off.

Many vehicle manufacturers therefore prescribe the replacement of the complete system if a mechanical damage to the compressor occurred during the warranty period. Ferdinand Bilstein offers a wide range of air conditioning compressors for commercial vehicles in tested OEM quality.