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febi Wheel Fastenings

Wheel fastening components are subject to special care in design, manufacture and assembly.

For this reason, Ferdinand Bilstein exclusively supplies wheel bolts, wheel nuts and wheel hubs in tested original equipment quality, which are characterized by the right dimensions and outstanding assembly characteristics.

The entire wheel fastening range meets the highest demands on performance and longevity. Whether aluminum or steel rim, anti-theft or anti-corrosive, Ferdinand Bilstein always offers the right wheel fastening.

febi Wheel Fastening

The Advantages at a Glance

Übersicht der Vorteile für febi Radbefestigungskomponenten

High protection against corrosion

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Strict quality standards

Übersicht der Vorteile für febi Elektrik-Komponenten

Precision fit

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Compliance with the requirements
of vehicle manufacturers

Tested Quality

Various types of wheel fastening are used depending on the vehicle manufacturer: Wheels or rims are connected either to the wheel hub by means of wheel bolts or wheel nuts. Wheel nuts are attached to wheel studs, which are pressed into the wheel hub.

The certified quality management of Ferdinand Bilstein tests the wheel fastening components for various requirements and loads.

These include precision fit, dimensional accuracy, material quality as well as tensile and compressive strength. In this way, we are an active contribution to road safety.

Testablauf der febi Qualitätsmanagement für Sicherheit im Straßenverkehr

Wheel Nuts

Made in Ennepetal

Freigabe der febi Radmuttern im Rennbetrieb

febi's in-house production facility also produces wheel nuts specially developed for motorsport – for the Schwabentruck Truck Racing Team sponsored by febi.

The regulations of the European Truck Racing Championship (ETRC) require a special design of wheel nut on the front axle. The background for this is that customary commercial vehicle wheel nuts protrude too far from the wheel. To prevent more serious damage to race trucks in the event of a collision during a race, the regulations stipulate that wheel nuts may only have a specific height. In other words, they must fit as flush with the rim as possible.

The technical commission of the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) has granted official approval for the use of febi wheel nuts in racing operation. An undeniable indication of the high quality of products from Ennepetal.