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Many know the powerful hissing noises that trucks give off during operation. Behind them are pneumatic components, which are often installed in heavy commercial vehicles – in brakes, in the air suspension or gear changing. Compressed air operated systems are indispensable components of commercial vehicles.

In order to ensure pressure distribution without any losses, all individual components – including compressors, air conditioning units and control valves – must be exactly matched and absolutely tight.

Ferdinand Bilstein offers a comprehensive assortment of wear parts in the field of pneumatics, including air dryer cartridges, air compressors, clutch boosters, multi-circuit protection valves and air spirals, suitable for most European commercial vehicle models – of course, in tested OE matching quality.

febi pneumatics components


Übersicht der Vorteile für febi Elektrik-Komponenten

Excellent wear protection

Übersicht der Vorteile für febi Elektrik-Komponenten

Strict quality standards

Übersicht der Vorteile für febi Elektrik-Komponenten

Precision fit

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Compliance with vehicle manufacturer requirements

Air dryer cartridges


febi Lufttrocknerpatronen für NKW

In order for pneumatic systems to be safely operated, especially braking, air dryers are used. They remove moisture from the intake air and thus reduce the risk of corrosion in the compressed air system. In addition, air dryers prevent the freezing of valves and regulators at temperatures below freezing.

The essential ingredient of the component is a fine granulate (as with dryer cartridges for air conditioning systems): Thanks to its large surface area, this open-pore dryer is ideal to absorb and bind humidity. The granules are located in cartridges which are attached to the air dryer by means of a thread.

The accumulated moisture must be removed regularly – at the latest when the entire surface of the dryer is coated. In order to do this, compressed air from a separate container is blown in opposite direction through the air dryer and discharged to the outside.

Repair shops can rely on quality parts by Ferdinand Bilstein when replacing air dryer cartridges. We offer a large selection of cartridges for numerous truck models – with or without oil separator depending on the version.

Highest quality for exact pressure

In order for the pneumatic components to function, they need air as an energy carrier. The air is compressed by an air compressor and stored in compressed air tanks.

The crankshaft of the compressor is driven by the vehicle engine via auxiliary belts or toothed gears. A downstream pressure regulator determines the amount of pressure generated.

All components must be able to withstand great pressure: If the compressed air generated in the compressor is routed via control valves, a system pressure of approx. 8 bar prevails. For this reason, all pneumatic spare parts are thoroughly tested at febi.

Our certified quality management checks the offered components for different requirements and loads, so that only products of high quality are installed.

febi Luftkompressoren für NKW