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Good Vibes Only

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In the automotive industry, rubber-to-metal components are used wherever vibrations occur. Especially in the case of the drivetrain, that is, the engine and transmission, the noise and vibration-damping effect is absolutely necessary.

The task of rubber-to-metal parts on the suspension is, on the one hand, the elastic connection between the suspension components, and, on the other hand, the improvement of the steering behaviour and driving stability.

This is especially necessary with uneven road surfaces as well as braking and avoiding manoeuvres.

Rubber-to-metal parts provide more driving comfort and safety by absorbing and dampening vibrations.

Ferdinand Bilstein offers one of the broadest ranges in the field of rubber-to-metal in the spare parts market - of course, in tested OE matching quality. The product range includes, amongst other things, engine, cabin, stabiliser and cardan shaft centre bearings.

Damage Triggers and Symptoms

Spare parts can wear out due to environmental influences such as heat and cold, UV radiation and aggressive liquids and gases.

Overloading of the vehicle, poor road conditions and atypical stresses also damage rubber bearings and lead to premature failure. Typical damages are porous and hard rubber or a detachment of the rubber from the metal.

Defective rubber-to-metal parts should be replaced immediately, because in extreme cases further components can be affected by the defective bearing.

Hinweise über Gummimetall-Teile aufgrund durch Umwelteinflüsse wie Hitze und Kälte

febi Rubber-to-Metal Components

The Advantages at a Glance

Übersicht der Vorteile für febi Elektrik-Komponenten

Excellent wear protection

 Übersicht der Vorteile für febi Elektrik-Komponenten

Strict quality standards

Übersicht der Vorteile für febi Elektrik-Komponenten

Precision fit

alt="Übersicht der Vorteile für febi Gummimetall-Komponenten

High-quality workmanship

alt="Übersicht der Vorteile für febi Gummimetall-Komponenten

Compliance with the requirements of vehicle manufacturers

Optimal rubber-to-metal curing

alt="Übersicht der Vorteile für febi Gummimetall-Komponenten

Exactly adjusted rubber mixture

The Right Rubber is Important

Rubber to Metal Materials at a Glance

  • Inexpensive all-purpose natural rubber
  • Good resistance to alkalis
  • Very good elasticity, tensile strength and abrasion resistance
  • Not suitable for use with petrol, oil, grease and solvent as well as high temperatures
  • Most commonly used, low-cost (natural rubber) standard synthetic-based elastomer
  • Resistant to alkalis
  • Many acids and bases
  • Fuel and oil
  • Modern, synthetic all-purpose rubber with a wide application range
  • Excellent resistance to ageing, ozone, sunlight, weather and environmental influences, alkalis, various bases and chemicals
  • Particularly resistant to hot water and steam, therefore suitable for seals, moulded parts and hoses
  • Special synthetic rubber for rubber parts with high demands on the swelling resistance to fuel
  • Oil
  • Grease and aliphatic solvents
  • Most widely used synthetic rubber with a wide application range
  • Oil
  • Particularly resistant to ageing, weather, environmental influences, ozone and sunlight, alkalis, chemicals, acids and bases