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Whether you’re taking the car for a spin, going on vacation, or simply delivering parcels for work, every vehicle needs high-quality fluids & chemicals to ensure reliability and performance. From a powerful SUV to classic American muscle and everything in-between, febi has what you’re looking for - from start to finish.

An expansive, quality range of OE-specification products is complemented by an easy-to-use online catalogue, fluidfinder, and fast delivery to workshops or wholesalers.

The end result? Happiness all round. febi has whatever you need, whenever you need it - providing the right solution for YOU.

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Your Benefits

Competitive Range

European and Asian cars, light commercial vehicles and trucks are all catered for with febi’s comprehensive range of high-quality fluids and chemicals. Additionally, thanks to our Fast to Market approach, new products are continuously being researched and added to the expansive offering - providing The Right Product, in The Right Place, at The Right Time!

A Strong Mix

From brake fluid and antifreeze, to engine, transmission and hydraulic oil, febi’s diverse range of fluids and chemicals includes everything needed to keep a vehicle healthy. Specialist products such as AdBlue®, ATF Service Kits and greases are also available. All articles can be found through our ‘fluidfinder’ online catalogue - making the search for chemicals and fluids easier than ever.

Produced to Regulation

Vehicle manufacturer specifications and industry regulations are always adhered to during production of febi’s fluids, which takes place in Germany and other European countries. Additionally, all febi fluids are tailored to the specific requirements of each individual vehicle manufacturer - they are not universal.

Practical, Eco-Friendly Packaging

All febi fluids are packaged in recyclable, leak-proof Polyethylene bottles featuring high-quality labels with clear product identification and colour coding, whilst recessed grip handles and a filling-level vision strip add to the practicality for users.



Highest Quality

With febi’s stringent inspection process and quality checks, we can ensure that all fluid products meet the bilstein group’s high quality standards - making them a top-quality alternative to the original. 




One-Stop Shop

Alongside our broad selection of fluids, febi also has a huge range of car, LCV and truck parts - over 48,000 products are available. These include a number of Service Repair Kits which contain all parts needed for a quick and efficient repair - saving you time and money.

Every vehicle component must have the correct lubricant to ensure reliable performance. Engine oil offers maximum wear protection for the motor in all operating conditions. Brake fluid is essential to the safe and consistent application of the braking force. Transmission oil is important for maintaining the continuous lubrication of drivetrain parts. Coolants provide strong protection against both high and low temperatures.

febi’s comprehensive range of fluids & chemicals provides all of these and much more – covering European and Asian cars, light commercial vehicles and trucks. We are not just a parts supplier; we understand the importance of having the right high-quality solutions to keep vehicles healthy and reliable.

We are also keeping up with the ever-advancing technology in today’s world, with many of our liquid products suitable for hybrid and electric vehicles.

Engine Oil

Protecting and lubricating

Engine oil is the lifeblood of the engine. febi have a vast range of oils ranging from the traditional multi-grades to the more exotic liquids which can outperform the lubricants recommended by the engine manufacturer.  

All febi engine oils have the oil viscosity rating, independent organisation and vehicle manufacturer specifications - plus recommended applications written on the label to identify the suitability of each oil.

Transmission Oil

Smooth shifting in all driving conditions

Transmission oil is not just a lubricant - it is a vital component which optimises gear-shift quality and ‘feel’, providing excellent friction behaviour thanks to its thermal stability. It also gives ideal ageing resistance - ensuring great wear protection in all operating conditions and guaranteeing the best possible corrosion defence.

febi has the right oil for your vehicle, regardless of whether it is equipped with an automatic or manual transmission. Enhanced protection is provided to all moving parts, enabling longer transmission life.

Brake Fluid

Safety in liquid form

Brake fluid is an important safety-critical component within a vehicle’s braking system. 

To ensure an effective and fully-functioning braking system while guaranteeing driving safety in road traffic, febi brake fluids are developed in accordance with the binding quality standards and requirements of vehicle and brake system manufacturers to meet all the requirements for current brake systems, including electronically-controlled brake systems which need to perform reliably and within fractions of a second.


Keeping it cool in all conditions

Cooling systems require regular replacement of the coolant at set intervals as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. febi offers a wide range of concentrated and pre-mixed coolants recommended for each vehicle application.

febi coolants are much more than just an antifreeze protecting the engines’ cooling system in winter. A coolant is required to offer a threefold protection from corrosion, overheating and frost, which ensures that the cooling system works perfectly all-year round in all load conditions - offering protection to all areas, and to the materials used in the cooling system.

Other Fluids & Chemicals

Alongside the expansive range of engine oil, transmission oil, coolant and brake fluid, febi also has a varied selection of other fluid products available - including, but not limited to:

  • AdBlue®

  • Ceramic Paste

  • Greases

  • Hydraulic Fluid

  • Sealant

  • Thread Lock

  • MultiPLUS Absorber

  • MultiPLUS ECO Oil Stain Remover


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bilstein group
on the Road to Sustainability

Helping the environment for future generations

As an innovative company with a long tradition, we are determined to ensure the wellbeing of the next generations. Sustainability is of particular importance to us.

As a result, we develop our fluids with the environment in mind - continuously improving them as we strive for efficiency and eco-friendliness.

Tomorrow’s world is our today, which is why products from the febi Fluids range are packed in recyclable, leak-proof Polyethylene bottles featuring high-quality labels with clear product identification and colour coding. Recessed grip handles and a filling-level vision strip add to the practicality for a premium user experience.

Did you know? 
Environmentally-compatible lubricants have properties such as friction reduction and wear and corrosion protection, which contribute to saving energy and CO2 during usage. 

100% CO2-neutral 
We rely on partners with CO2-neutral production capabilities, so that all febi oils are environmentally-compatible and reduce emissions. This is a big step towards a greener future for us as a company and generations to come.