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Consistent Quality. Full Stop!

febi Braking Parts

When braking in a real-case scenario, it comes down to every centimetre.

Therefore, the product range of Ferdinand Bilstein in the field of braking systems consists exclusively of OE matching quality articles. The wide assortment ranges from brake pads and discs to brake hoses and wheel cylinders.

Safety has always top priority: The certified quality management of Ferdinand Bilstein tests the offered brake components for various requirements and loads. In this way, we are an active contribution to road safety.

febi Brake Technology

The Advantages at a Glance

Übersicht der Vorteile von febi Bremstechnik

Balance of performance,
driving comfort and longevity

Übersicht der Vorteile von febi Bremstechnik

Safety: Optimal braking performance,
short braking distances

Übersicht der Vorteile von febi Bremstechnik

Comfort: No brake
judder, no vibrations

Übersicht der Vorteile von febi Bremstechnik

Low noise: Advanced
methods of noise reduction

Brake Discs

Precise Production for High Driving Comfort

The material quality of all components is crucial for the safe functioning of the braking system.

Thus, brake discs must be uncompromisingly safe and durable to ensure a 100% braking effect under all driving conditions. This is why brake discs are exactly manufactured by Ferdinand Bilstein.

Compliance with production tolerances is self-evident in production. This is the only way to ensure optimum braking effect. The material of the brake discs is geared towards a balance of performance, driving comfort and longevity. The wide range of high-quality brake discs from Ferdinand Bilstein also includes those with ventilation and coated surfaces.

febi Bremsscheiben für PKW

Brake Pads

More Safety, More Comfort

febi Bremsbeläge für PKW

In order to guarantee consistent quality, all febi brake pads are certified according to ECE R-90, a procedure prescribed by the EU in which the brake performance of brake pads is tested. This creates confidence and makes it easy to identify inferior cheap imports.

Part of the range of brake pads offered by febi does not have to be retracted or "braked" first. “Scorching" ensures immediate braking performance during production. In this process, the surface of the brake pads is heated under high pressure to 650˚ C in order to remove uncured components (residual gases). Without scorching, there is a risk that the brake linings will overheat under heavy loads and lose their braking effect.

Perfect Pair

Our brake pads and brake discs are perfectly machted to each other. Used in combination, this means

  • Friction stability over a very wide temperature range
  • Best mechanical strength and dimensional stability
  • Strict compliance with mandatory limits
  • Optimised and appropriate wear behaviour of all brake pads and discs
febi Bremsbeläge und Bremsscheiben für PKW

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