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Whenever we start a journey by car, we want assurance that we will arrive at our destination safely and efficiently. 

This means having reliable parts on our vehicle, and replacement parts readily available when necessary. SOLUTIONS DRIVEN BY YOU signifies replacement parts to satisfy your needs - always created for arriving at your destination safely.

With febi products, you and your family can relax and enjoy the journey. Our reliable, OE-matching quality components ensure you stay mobile, wherever you are going.


Whether you are a driver, workshop owner, distributor or mechanic, febi has the best solution for YOU.

With technical competence, manufacturing know-how and the assurance of a 3-Year Manufacturer Guarantee for all products, you can trust in febi to provide the right product, in the right place, at the right time.

Our range of more than 35,000 technical parts for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles is ever-growing in conjunction with our aim to make new, OE-matching quality products available to the Independent Aftermarket as soon as possible.  


We are driven in everything we do. 

We are driven by our customers. We are driven by the needs of workshops and drivers worldwide. We are driven by our employees. Of course, the febi brand has an inherent link to the word ‘driven’ - our solutions are driven on the road every day - but, for us, it is much more than that. 

We are driven with passion and commitment to provide OE-matching quality parts developed for your needs - in the past, today and in the future. Tomorrow’s Needs are Our Drive.


This is a statement of intent, and emphasizes the importance of you - everyone purchasing, installing and driving with febi parts all over the world.

Whether you distribute, install or even experience our solutions on the road, you are at the heart of everything we do. As a result, we already know today, what you will need tomorrow.

The Pioneer in the Spare Parts Market

As a pioneer in the Independent Automotive Aftermarket, febi has always been an advocate for providing matching or higher quality products than the original parts - for the good of consumers worldwide. Best Selection, Best Quality. With a range of 35,000 articles, febi offer replacement part and repair solutions for all popular European and Asian vehicles - all in proven OE-matching quality.

febi – Your No. 1 in the Independent Aftermarket

We are truly dedicated to only supplying products that meet OE quality standards. 

This unwavering commitment ensures every febi product plays its part, enabling the DIYer to carry out an efficient and effective repair, ensuring the driver can complete their journey safely and in confidence. 

Should a breakdown occur, you can reply on febi’s global reach and state-of-the-art logistics to put the right part in your hand for a professional repair.

35,000 parts in a dynamically growing range means your local febi dealer will always have what you require for your repair when you need it. We are committed to supplying parts that stand up to the strictest OE quality standards; but at the same time, it’s important that the workshop owner has options that are worth the investment.

febi strikes the perfect balance between quality and cost-effectiveness. Our vast range, coupled with our commitment to quality and value, makes febi your No. 1 choice for workshop owners and technicians who understand the intricate dance between selection, quality, and cost.

Our extensive range of parts isn't just about variety, it's about offering customers complete solutions to meet every demand.

It’s not about the abundance of choice either, it's about being at the forefront of the market. febi’s commitment to constant innovation means that we are Fast to Market with new products, ensuring that your inventory remains fresh and aligned with the latest trends in the Automotive Aftermarket.

Whether you are a wholesaler who must deliver what’s needed on time, every time, or a retailer seeking to provide the latest innovative parts to customers for their alternative-fuel vehicles, febi is your strategic partner in navigating the challenges of the rapidly changing world of mobility.

Your No. 1 Brand

With everything on our books supplied in tested OE-matching quality, we take pride in being your No. 1 in the Automotive Aftermarket for Passenger Car and Light Commercial Vehicle replacement parts.

One Stop Solution

Streamlined procurement process for wholesailers and retailers. An established brand supplied worldwide via 22 subsidiaries, with representations in over 70 countries and availability in more than 170 around the globe.

Wide Coverage

With a vast selection across 16 product groups, febi ensures that you will find the exact part you need, no matter your requirement. From Air Conditioning and Heating to Wheel Fastening, we’ve got you covered.

Fast to Market

Our range is not static, it’s always evolving and growing to meet the ever-changing needs of the Automotive Aftermarket. Using direct OE data we link existing articles into our range to ensure the earliest product availability in the Automotive Aftermarket.

Heritage of Excellence

Manufacturing Competence since 1844, an unrivalled legacy of OE-matching quality.

Product groups

febi Ersatzteile Lenkung & Aufhängung für PKW
febi Ersatzteile Gummimetall für PKW
febi Ersatzteile Bremsanlage für PKW
febi Ersatzteile Motormanagement für PKW
febi Ersatzteile Elektrik für PKW
febi Ersatzteile Motorsteuerung für PKW
febi Ersatzteile Motor-Thermomanagement für PKW
febi Ersatzprodukte Flüssigkeiten für PKW
febi Ersatzteile Filter für PKW
febi Ersatzteile Motorkomponenten für PKW
febi Ersatzteile Radbefestigung für PKW
febi Ersatzteile Antriebsstrang für PKW
febi Ersatzteile Karosserie & Innenraum für PKW
febi Ersatzteile Spezialwerkzeuge für PKW
febi Ersatzteile febiPLUS für PKW