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Door lock actuator? Headlight washer nozzle? Oil dipstick? We have those - and much more. febi not only covers the ‘typical’ replacement parts; the assortment is extended to feature products that distributors, workshops and vehicle owners generally only associate with the vehicle manufacturers’ parts programs.

febiPLUS combines more than 2,100 specially-selected articles of different and more unusual product types for current car models - providing a solution and alternative value-for-money repair option to the Independent Aftermarket. All articles are of OE-matching quality, endorsed by febi’s 3-Year Manufacturer Guarantee.

The febiPLUS range of products is constantly being reviewed and expanded with new introductions to prove our service commitment to meet the needs and special requirements of our customers. febiPLUS often exclusively offer articles that are otherwise only available from the vehicle manufacturer or associated original supplier.

The next time you think a product may not be available in the Independent Aftermarket ... check febiPLUS!


Your Benefits

Right Range - With over 2,100 parts available, febiPLUS provides the Independent Aftermarket with a vast range of different - and more unusual - products for current car models.

Check febi First - You may not think the product you’re looking for is available in the IAM, but we may have it. Instead of going straight to the manufacturer or dealer, make sure to check febiPLUS first!

The Highest Quality - The bilstein group’s constant desire for OE-matching quality products holds true with febiPLUS. All articles go through a stringent 3-stage inspection process to guarantee that only the highest quality standards are maintained.

Cost-Sensitive Repairs - There’s no need to replace parts unnecessarily. With febiPLUS, you can get the exact parts you need for a repair without the unrequired replacement of system parts.

Extra Profit - Our strong and ever-expanding range gives distributors and mechanics a great opportunity to earn extra profit. Customers may find what they’re looking for with febiPLUS - instead of going directly to the manufacturer or dealer.

The febi Manufacturer Guarantee

Our Quality Promise – Your Added Value


As a parts specialist with manufacturing competence embedded in our history, febi only offers products with the highest degree of installation safety and durability.

To underline our high product quality standards, we provide a 3 Year Manufacturer Guarantee for all of our replacement parts.

There’s More on Offer

With over 2,100 products of OE-matching quality, febiPLUS is an alternative, value-for-money repair option for the Independent Aftermarket. To find what you‘re looking for, please visit

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Rocker Cover

An integral engine component

A rocker (or valve) cover has always been an integral part of the internal combustion engine. It protects the internal-moving components of the engine and prevents any debris getting in, whilst keeping the vital lubricating oil on the inside. Rocker covers were originally made from cast-alloy or pressed steel but - as with all other materials - a lighter and more adaptable alternative was eventually introduced.

Many rocker covers are now manufactured from a reinforced plastic - incorporating additional functions such as sound insulation, fixing points for additional pipes, hoses, and wiring. It has also incorporated, in many cases, the engine-positive crankcase ventilation valve. This is an integral function of the emission control strategy for the engine in order to direct hydrocarbons from the engine into the induction system.

Radiator Fan with Brushless Motor

Keeping it cool

Thermal management is all about control. Instead of being switched on and off by a simple temperature-controlled switch, engine cooling can be put under the control of the engine management system - meeting the demands of the engine cooling and air conditioning system which in turn protects vital heat-sensitive components (such as turbochargers) after the engine has been switched off.

The switchable electromagnets give total cooling control, varying the speed and frequency of the motor with strong, permanent magnets, and a roller bearing for smooth operation.

This all results in lower energy consumption - making radiator fans fitted with a brushless motor 20 to 30% more efficient than traditional cooling fan motors.

Door Lock Actuator

Safe and secure

Constant usage of a car door - opening and closing, locking and unlocking - makes the door’s lock mechanism prone to wear. Corrosion and electrical failure of the actuator, switches or the circuit board are all potential issues. Now, febiPLUS’ door locks include an innovative new feature: the metal parts of the door lock are treated with zinc-nickel alloy for anti-corrosion protection. During production, each part of the door lock functionality is tested to ensure quality and a long operational lifespan of the lock system.

Wiring Harness Repair Kit

Staying connected

Save time and money with febiPLUS’ new range of over 115 wiring harness repair kits! These high-quality kits are available for doors, rear doors, tailgate lamps, and headlamps. The kits are exclusively isolated with silicon, which is extremely resistant against thermal stress and remains flexible at any temperature. Flexibility helps prevent cable breakage.

Furthermore, the wire braids are tinned and extra fine-wired; giving the wire more flexibility and preventing corrosion of the braids upon contact with moisture. The end of the wire has a thin coating of tin - providing a lifespan up to 10 times longer than non-tinned wire braids.

MultiPLUS Absorber

febi‘s MultiPLUS Absorber offers an innovative solution all businesses working with fluids - especially workshops.

Our absorbent solution puts an end to stained workshop floors and the unsatisfactory use of typical oil-binding agents, and is able to soak-up all kinds of fluid spillages: oil, fuel, lubricants, emulsion, brake fluid, coolant, antifreeze, chemicals, paint and much more.

In addition, the MultiPLUS Absorber is just as effective when spillages occur in water!

  • Absorbs every kind of oil, lubricant and more
  • Absorbs up to four times its own weight
  • Works within a few seconds
  • Easy and safe to handle
  • Non-toxic, natural, organic fibre - proven to be appropriate for application on land and water surfaces
  • No negative effects on the environment, animals or humans

Transmission Oil &

Filter Service and Repair Kit

Each of the febi Transmission Oil and Filter Service Repair Kits include high-quality filters, seals and installation materials - along with certified ‘Made in Germany’ transmission oil, offering the perfect maintenance solution for every workshop.

This not only saves time and money but also removes the need to order individual parts separately. For a quick and easy solution, you can now order complete sets of replacement parts using a single reference number.

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