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febi Specialist Tools

febi is constantly developing solutions to meet the needs of our partners.

In addition to technical information materials and installation videos, febi offers a selection of useful speciality tools that make repairs faster and more efficient, saving workshops time and money.

Easy, Safe and Secure

febi Wheel Puller

febi’s new Wheel Puller makes it easy to remove wheels that are stuck to the hub, quickly and safely. The tool consists of two parts, the wheel puller and the wheel cart, and makes a once difficult job not only much easier but much safer too.

Due to the stability of its design a great amount of force can be generated with the puller, making even the most challenging of wheels quick and easy to remove. The Wheel Puller also makes remounting simple, it allowing the wheel to easily be positioned in front of the hub and pushed back on to the bolts with the minimum of effort.