Everybody Needs a Hero

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Everybody Needs a Hero

Our OE-matching quality components keep trucks mobile, day in, day out, wherever their destination and whatever they’re transporting. febi Truck is the trailblazer of the Automotive Aftermarket, committed to supporting the unsung heroes who keep our world in motion. 

In the dark and quiet of night, while we rest with our loved ones, there’s someone out there driving for all of us. 

Truckers, the unsung everyday heroes. They navigate the roads alone, at all hours and in all weathers, ensuring the world keeps turning; relying not only on their own strength and skill but on the quality of the parts that keep their wheels rolling. 

Whether you're an everyday hero behind the wheel of a truck, a highly skilled technician, a meticulously planning fleet manager, or a dedicated retailer, febi has your back. "   


Whether you are a truck driver, workshop owner, mechanic, distributor or fleet manager, febi has the best solution for YOU.

With unrivalled technical competence, peerless manufacturing know-how and a 3-Year Manufacturer Guarantee on all parts, you can trust in febi to always provide the Right Product, in the Right Place, at the Right Time.

With over 15,000 technical parts already on the books - and more being added by the day - combined with our dedication to bringing new products for the latest models to the Independent Aftermarket as quickly as possible, think commercial vehicles, think febi.


We are driven in everything we do … and we know truckers are too! We are driven by our customers, the needs of workshops and the truck community worldwide. Providing replacement parts to fit the Giants of the Road - the 'BIG 8' and beyond - means always offering products of consistently high quality.   

Of course, the febi brand has a deep-rooted link to the word ‘driven’ - our solutions are driven on the road every day – some of them even on Europe’s race tracks! We are driven with passion and commitment to provide OE-matching quality parts developed for your needs - in the past, today, and in the future. Your Timely Needs are Our Drive. 


Consider this our statement of intent and an emphasis on the importance of you - every single person purchasing, installing, or driving on febi Truck parts. You are at the heart of everything we do.  

From the mechanic to the driver, the fleet manager to the haulage company CEO, we understand the world of commercial vehicles better than anyone. Your world, your needs, simply YOU. 

The Trailblazers of the Truck Automotive Aftermarket

Best selection, best quality, best service! febi Truck offers the right parts for the most important European commercial vehicle manufacturers – the ‘BIG 8’ - in proven OE-matching quality. A huge selection of parts across 20 product groups and a constantly growing range make febi your No. 1 in the Automotive Aftermarket for high-quality commercial vehicle replacement parts. 

In the challenging world of trucking, where every second counts and the road is both workplace and home, febi Truck stands as a faithful companion for the everyday hero behind the wheel. 

We are truly dedicated to only suppling products that meet OE quality standards.   

This unwavering commitment ensures that every febi product plays its part, allowing the driver to complete their journey and get home to those that matter most, time after time.  

Should a breakdown occur, you can rely on febi Truck’s global reach and state-of-the-art logistics to put the part you need in your hand, wherever you are, whenever you need it. 

15,000 parts in a dynamically growing range means your local febi dealer will always have what you require for your repair when you need it. We are committed to supplying parts that stand up to the strictest OE quality standards, but at the same time, it’s important that the workshop owner has options that are worth the investment.  

febi Truck strikes the perfect balance between quality and cost-effectiveness. Our vast range, coupled with our commitment to quality and value, makes febi Truck your No.1 choice for workshop owners and mechanics who understand the intricate dance between selection, quality, and cost. 

Our extensive range of parts isn't just about variety; it's about offering customers complete solutions to meet every demand.  

It’s not about the breadth of choice either; it's about being at the forefront of the market. febi Truck's commitment to constant innovation means that we are Fast to Market with new products, ensuring that your inventory remains fresh and aligned with the latest trends in the Automotive Aftermarket.  

Whether you are a wholesaler who must deliver what’s needed on time, every time, or a retailer seeking to provide the latest innovative parts to customers for their alternative-fuel vehicles, febi Truck is your strategic partner in navigating the challenges of the rapidly changing world of mobility. Facing tomorrow’s needs are our SOLUTIONS DRIVEN BY YOU! 

It's all a matter of time! For fleet managers and haulage companies, avoiding downtime in the workshop and getting trucks back on the road and doing their job quickly with high-quality parts is key.  

This is another reason why febi is your No. 1 in the Independent Aftermarket. Fleet managers and haulage companies can rely on a globally established brand that is ready to offer an equivalent alternative to OE - for the 'BIG 8' and beyond! 

BIG 8 and Beyond

For febi Truck, precision isn't just a promise; it's our dedication to ensuring your commercial vehicles operate at their best. As your trusted partner in the Independent Automotive Aftermarket, we specialize in providing the right replacement parts for the key European commercial vehicle manufacturers - often referred to as the 'BIG 8'.  

But our commitment to commercials goes even beyond. With 15,000 replacement parts of OE-matching quality in range already, and new products for the latest models being added to our catalogue constantly, this is just the start. Forget simply following the Aftermarket crowd, we are the trailblazers! 

Your No. 1 Brand

With everything on our books supplied in tested OE-matching quality, we take pride in being your No. 1 in the Automotive Aftermarket for commercial vehicle replacement parts.

One-Stop Solution

Streamlined procurement process for wholesalers and fleet managers.

Wide Coverage

With a vast selection across 20 product groups, febi Truck ensures that you will find the exact part you need, no matter the requirement. From Air Conditioning to Wheel Fastening, we've got you covered.

Constant Innovation

Our range is not static, it's always evolving and growing to meet the ever-changing needs of the Automotive Aftermarket. Count on febi Truck for complete ranges and for the swift introduction of new parts for the latest ‘BIG 8’ models.

Heritage of Excellence

Manufacturing competence since 1844, an unrivalled legacy of quality.


febi has been an official sponsor of Team Schwabentruck in the Goodyear FIA European Truck Racing Championship (ETRC) since 2016 – the biggest race series in the world! We are proud to be associated with such a prestigious Championship and have Team Schwabentruck in the big febi family.

The Drivers

We are delighted to have Team Schwabentruck’s star driver - and the series’ sole female competitor - Steffi Halm in the febi family; something we are very proud of and want to support! #powerwoman

It is always vital to nurture young talent in motorsport. That is why this season we are looking forward to increasing our support of Lukas Hahn, son of six-time European Champion Jochen Hahn; a young man determined to follow in his father and grandfather’s tyre tracks and bring home a European Champion trophy of his own one day. febi are supporting Lukus right from the start – watch this space!  #risingtalent #futurechampion

Made for the Road, Tested on the Race Track

Team Schwabentruck and Hahn Racing have been using febi parts on their race trucks for years; most notably our brake discs which have proved themselves to be more than up for the challenge when the lights go out on the grid.

What’s more, the technical commission of the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) has granted official approval for febi Wheel Nuts to be used in motorsport. With febi parts everyone can feel like a race driver!

Product groups

febi Ersatzteile Lenkung & Aufhängung für NKW
febi Ersatzteile Gummimetall für NKW
febi Ersatzteile Radbefestigung für NKW
"febi Ersatzteile Bremsanlage für NKW
febi Ersatzteile Fahrwerksfederung für NKW
febi Ersatzteile Druckluftanlage für NKW
febi Ersatzteile Antriebsstrang für NKW
febi Ersatzteile Motorteile für NKW
febi Ersatzteile Kraftstoff- & Abgassystem für NKW
febi Ersatzteile Nebentrieb für NKW
febi Ersatzteile Motor-Thermomanagement für NKW
febi Ersatzteile Klima- & Heizungsanlage für NKW
febi Ersatzteile Motor Management für NKW
febi Ersatzteile Elektrik für NKW
febi Ersatzteile Karosserie & Fahrerhaus für NKW
febi Ersatzteile Filter für NKW
febi Ersatzprodukte Flüssigkeiten für NKW
febi Ersatzteile Spezialwerkzeuge für NKW
febi Ersatzteile febiPLUS für NKW

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