Success Factor Logistics

A Proof of Reliability

Logistics performance is of crucial importance in the spare parts market. Early on, Ferdinand Bilstein has identified storage as a fundamental success factor and is meeting market requirements with forward-looking logistics and sales concepts.

Our state-of-the-art, computer-controlled high-bay warehouses in various key markets meet the demands of constant availability and timely delivery.

Ansicht von hochmodernen computergesteuerten Hochregallager

Ferdinand Bilstein's most relevant logistics centres for Central Europe are located in Germany (Ennepetal) and England (Markham Vale).

Together, the two building complexes already have a storage area of over 95,000 square metres.

Other warehouses have been established in China, France, Italy, Portugal, Serbia, Spain and Turkey. They also guarantee constant product availability and short transport distances to customers.

In order to continue to meet ongoing international growth, further logistics centres are planned, including in Germany (Gelsenkirchen).

Our International Logistics Centres