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The engine is generally considered to be the heart of a vehicle.

Its design requires a balance between peak performance and torque, along with the lowest possible fuel consumption and low emissions. Modern engines are precision work — just as every single spare part from Ferdinand Bilstein.

In the field of engine management, we offer a comprehensive range of timing chains and belts for European passenger cars — of course, in tested OE matching quality.

febi Engine Timing Components

The Advantages at a Glance

Übersicht der Vorteile von febi Lenkungs- und Aufhängungskomponenten


Übersicht der Vorteile von febi Motorkomponenten

Precision fit

Übersicht der Vorteile von febi Motorkomponenten

Strict quality standards

Übersicht der Vorteile von febi Motorkomponenten

Compliance with vehicle
manufacturer requirements

Check of Surrounding Components

Check of surrounding components

All engine timing components are exactly calculated. Years of development and experience are put into every system to ensure that the engine timing and its components are exactly matched to each other in all speed and load ranges. Driving comfort, consumption and emission values must not be ignored. Wear and tear on the components of the engine timing system can lead to noise, in the worst case even to engine damage.

Higher compression in the combustion chamber, more precise injection times and higher torques have increased engine timing loads. Therefore, special attention must be paid to the engine timing during repair and maintenance work in the workshop. The specifications and procedures of the vehicle manufacturers must be observed with all repairs.

In addition to checking the timing belt or chain, the complexity of modern engines requires the maintenance of all adjacent components which directly interfere with the control process. With chain control, for example, these are sliding rails, chain stretchers, oil and sprockets. These components must not be disregarded in the preparation of repair calculations.

febi offers the right wear parts, which are needed for competently and safely executed repairs on modern engine management systems.

Repair Kits

komplette Steuerketten und Zahnriemensätze mit sämtlichen Einzelteilen von febi

When replacing the timing chain or belt, the surrounding components should also be tested for wear.

In order for all parts to work together perfectly, it is extremely important that they are made accurately and from high-quality materials.

febi offers complete timing chains and belts for certain types of vehicles, which contain all the required parts for a professional exchange.

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