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Discover what workshops, distributors, employees and end consumers think about febi with our selection of interview quotes from people within the industry. We call these our ‘Success Stories’, as they demonstrate the confidence and positivity of those who trust in febi.




"febi addresses many product groups within a single brand - instead of the difficulties of working with many brands for different products. Also, it is a good alternative to the OE, and the team is knowledgeable and well-equipped. febi is also well-established, innovative and offers good service with a strong team spirit. Other advantages are the fact that febi uses local currency and has high-order fulfilment rates." *

Ali Beyazay, Business Unit Manager
Martas Otomotiv

"What I like most about febi is that they cover a wide range of products with great availability. I do not remember any occasion me and my team were in search for a single part for a common vehicle and could not find it in febi's range. Development is the other positive thing - every year, they show up with something new. These guys never sleep. febi often launches new product lines they did not offer before. Customers ask us if we recommend febi's new range of products and we simply say ‘yes’. We are confident about the brand and have great trust in it; the many years we have been working with febi has proven this, so the trust is well-founded. We know they have a great team and a passion for the automotive industry just like us. We speak the same language." *

Dániel Szécsi, Passenger Car Division Leader
Inter Cars Hungary Ltd.

"We prefer febi over other brands for its high-quality brand perception matched with a wide range. They offer a solid program coverage for European applications which makes it easy to properly market a complete range to our customer base." *

Ryan Lessig, Director of Product Data Management & Analytics
SSF Imported Auto Parts LLC

"I know the febi portfolio quite well. There is wide access to the products, which are distributed around to my different suppliers. When assembling an elastic kinetic bush, I sometimes print out the PDF INFO document from partsfinder, which gives instructions to the mechanic on how to assemble the product." *

Damian Hofman, Co-Owner

"febi offers very high quality products and is a big name in the Independent Aftermarket. All of our professional customers know the brand, and when they need OE-matching quality at a competitive price, febi is the solution. In our company, it's all about our customers - we put them first, and we only want suppliers and brands with the same mentality. febi is one of these brands." *

Arjan Van het Klooster, Founder
UD Autoparts

"febi has a very good product range, with extensive manufacturer coverage mainly for European vehicles. Particularly in the difficult last two years, febi has continued business as usual, with very good availability versus the competition, and stable service. Flexibility and adaptability are some of the main characteristics of febi’s services and in our daily working life; febi’s support is very important in solving small problems which can be obstacles for both us and our customers." *

Nasos Malapetsas, Category Supervisor

"The full package of febi’s goods and services makes the brand preferable to us. Furthermore, the proactive approach of febi, their vast Independent Aftermarket experience, strong support of the local team, fast deliveries from the local warehouse - as well as excellent customer service - contribute to its desirability." *

Milena Šarenac Stojev, Director of Procurement
DELMAX d.o.o.

"With febi we can offer our customers an OE solution for many products with a better price, but still with the OE quality. febi is one of the most recognized brands thanks to its wide range and quality products." *

Juan Carlos Pascual, Purchasing Manager
AD Recambios Egido

"A wide product range and good availability are the biggest advantages. Meanwhile, the best solution for us are the ProKits - ideal for the Swiss spare parts market." *

Nico Flueli, Project Manager / Purchasing (Deputy Managing Director)
Augros AG

"We appreciate febi’s wide range of products, excellent pricing and a good delivery service! Another benefit is the febiPLUS range (products that may be hard to find elsewhere in the IAM) and their ProKits. Overall, the febi brand is known worldwide - with a very good reputation - and they have many years of experience in all areas of the IAM." *

Uwe Küther, CEO
SPEED Autoteile




"febi is the most trustworthy brand - I have never had problems with their product quality, and have full satisfaction with what’s inside every box." *

Jevgenij Mihalkov, Workshop Coordinator
AMG Serviss SIA

"My level of trust in the febi brand was gathered over many years of personal experience in the car repair industry. Therefore, I feel confident using febi both for my clients and for my personal vehicles. The ever-expanding number of returning customers to my workshop proves that." *

Vytas Bilinskas, Workshop Owner
Stuttgart Clinique 

"As a workshop owner, I rely on febi - a brand with a wide range of high-quality products! Add-ons such as ProKits save me a lot of time in my daily work, and I also appreciate the expertise that febi imparts to me and my employees in product-range training courses." *

Christof Lyttek, Workshop Owner

"The size of the range and the product quality are, for me, the decisive factors in choosing febi. ProKits and ‘extras’, such as the joint-play tester, are more good reasons for me to rely on febi in everyday workshop life." *

Conny Mohr, Workshop Owner
Automobilservice Mohr

"For me, the febi brand stands above all with a very strong range of product kits (ProKits). This provides me with an inexpensive alternative to the OE equivalent. My direct, long-term contact with febi employees and their technical know-how - presented through various media - makes febi very attractive to me." *

Sebastian Fröhlich, Workshop Owner
Basti's Kfz-Werkstatt

"febi’s product quality and technical support makes them an irreplaceable, value-for-money workshop partner for me. For solutions developed exactly for my needs, the precision fit of all parts - and the ProKits - come to mind." *

Steffen Reichel, Workshop Owner
Kfz-Elektrik Thomas Reichel

"My customers - the end consumers - know and accept febi as a quality brand, and the price/performance ratio suits them. Additionally, febi offers me very good support with numerous training sessions and online installation instructions." *

Jörg Kosmalla, Workshop Owner
Kfz-Meisterbetrieb Otto Kosmalla




“In the transport goods industry, it’s all about delivering on time. We have our finger on the pulse of the market. This means that we must understand our customers' needs, because their timely needs are what drive us. Working in product management gives me the pleasure of leading a project from conception to market launch, and seeing a febi box in a customer's warehouse or a workshop containing an item that I contributed to during its creation process fills me with pride.“ *

Jannik Hindenburg, Divisional Product Development Manager
Commercial Vehicles / Off- Highway

“febi is truly the trailblazer in the Automotive Aftermarket and I am proud to be the person with the holistic approach leading a team of brand development and product managers towards febi Truck’s strategic brand portfolio. We are the fast alternative to OE. As soon as a new model is released our research team jumps into action, driven by the challenge of adding the right new parts to our catalogue as quickly as possible.” *

Björn Förthmann, Group Category & Brand Development Director
Commercial Vehicles / Off- Highway

"For me, the focus must always be on the customer and their needs. The customer should associate the febi brand with positive experiences. As an employee, I am committed - without exception - to making this happen. A strong example is a new addition to the febi portfolio, which is intended to meet customers’ demands for electric mobility. When the first tyre change for my Tesla Model 3 was due in the winter of 2019, no workshop had the jack pads (to prevent damage to the battery when lifting a vehicle) needed for an electric vehicle. There was only one online supplier, from China. Today, the required jack pads are available in febi’s range at a reasonable price and in impeccable quality, enabling many drivers like myself to get started with electric mobility." *

Chris Tillmann, Category Specialist Performance Management
(febi Headquarter Germany)

"For me, 'SOLUTIONS DRIVEN BY YOU' means to listen carefully to what febi customers really want and to offer products accordingly. With a mindful attitude my aim is to identify our customers' needs correctly. I personally use febi parts for my car as well, because I trust in the brand and I am convinced of the philosophy behind febi. For example, it was easy for me to recently find the right cabin air filter on partsfinder that fitted my car right away." *

Stephen Ling, Business Development Manager
(febi Asia Pacific)

"Here in Latin America, febi matches the market and customer requirements with excellence, which makes the brand really unique. I am proud that febi is a 100% Independent Aftermarket brand that remains completely focussed on offering quality products and solutions at a fair price! I have driven an old Subaru for nearly 20 years and quite often say it is ‘half Subaru, half febi’, because of the number of febi parts it has!" *

João Ramos, Regional Sales Director
(febi Latin America)

"We also embrace technical innovations, such as e-mobility, by observing the market and customer needs. We can then create and offer the appropriate product ranges, and we are constantly expanding existing product groups as well. The red febi box has been with me since my technical training because febi was always present - everywhere - in daily workshop life. The advantages of febi have always been program coverage, availability and quality! I also like to use febi parts on my own car; parts are so easy to identify and find. Parts identification is one of the most important aspects in the aftermarket, and this is where febi has always been a leader." *

René Kallmeyer, Divisional Product Development Manager
(febi Headquarter Germany)

"At work, I initiate the initial orders for new items for our febi Steering & Suspension range, so I contribute to this attractive and ever-expanding product group. Privately, as a hobby mechanic and online video creator, I have been using febi parts for years, because I know of the high quality of these components. When I open a febi box in my videos, positive comments come flooding in. Everyone knows febi!" *

Daniel Kowalski, CPT Steering
(febi Headquarter Germany)

"I am responsible for ensuring that febi packaging is always in the right place at the right time. I initiate orders for our cardboard boxes and check their quality. Since I am convinced of febi both as a brand and as my employer, febi parts are installed in my car. I particularly appreciate the fact that it is so easy to find items, order them and have them fitted." *

Selda Sahin, Packaging Disposition Advisor
(febi Headquarter Germany)

"For me, febi stands for absolute customer orientation with the claim of being able to offer the right product - today, and in the future. We have the flexibility to do this, coupled with the right (high) quality. We create solutions for sustainable growth and that gives me absolute confidence in further success for the bilstein group." *

Nicole Puschmann, Divisional Business Development Director
(febi Headquarter Germany)



febi Product Users

"I am delighted and convinced of the quality of febi products." *

Sebastian W., febi product user

"I have sold febi products for several years and I am delighted with the quality of them." *

David L., febi Product User

"I install car parts, mainly from febi, every day." *

Torben G., febi Product User

"With febi’s large range, I am able to help myself (when I need replacement parts). The fitment accuracy and the durability of the products has led me to trust the brand." *

Nico H., febi Product User

"I am a very satisfied customer and only install febi parts, because I am absolutely convinced of their quality." *

Martin L., febi Product User

"I have worked for many years in the automotive sector and we very much rely on products from febi." *

Eugen H., febi Product User

*translated from another language




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