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 Übersicht der Vorteile für febi Elektrik-Komponenten


Designed with strict quality standards.

Übersicht der Vorteile für febi Elektrik-Komponenten


High wear protection and long durability.

Übersicht der Vorteile für febi Elektrik-Komponenten

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Manufactured to assure an absolute accuracy of fit.

Quality Inside & Out

febi Chassis & Cabin Parts

For the driver, the cabin is not only the workplace but often their living and sleeping quarters as well. This means that the requirements for ergonomics, safety and comfort are correspondingly diverse.

To help keep drivers comfortable and safe on and off the road, febi offers a huge range of cabin components for professional vehicle repairs, including: gas springs, tipping cylinders, cabin suspension and shock absorbers, locking cylinders and gear shift knobs – all, of course, in original equipment-matching quality.

MEKRA Lang-mirrors from febi –

Premium Quality for the IAM

febi has added MEKRA Lang to its portfolio, meaning we can offer the widest range of high quality mirrors for numerous European truck brands - as well as for LCV.


» Thoroughly tested to ensure that the fields of vision demanded by law and applicable regulations are met

» High resistance to environmental elements such as water and salt

» Sheathed wiring harnesses to protect against kinks

» Undesirable curvature, glare, or impaired visibility are effectively prevented

STABILUS Gas Springs from febi -

Tested and Reliable

febi enjoys a long-standing partnership with original equipment supplier STABILUS. This ensures that every gas spring we supply is of the very highest quality guaranteeing maximum durability and dependability, qualities appreciated by us and our customers in equal measure

» All febi gas springs are powder-coated making them more corrosion-resistant than water-based coated versions

» The surface of the piston rod is NISLIDE®-treated for corrosion resistance and optimal slip properties

» Glass fibre reinforcement offers protection against high temperatures

» More durable than many competitor products thanks to high temperature resistant seal

Cabin Suspension and Mounting

for a Relaxing Ride

With the driver spending many hours in the cab each day, often for many days in a row, their comfort is of utmost priority. As soon as the vehicle moves, the cabin suspension plays a central role – it must perform perfectly, especially on bad roads.


febi offers a comprehensive range of driver cab bearings and shock absorbers, all thoroughly tested by our certified quality management.

febi Fahrerhausfederung und Lagerung für NKW

Cab Tipping System

febi Fahrerhauskippanlage für NKW

Typically, the cab tipping system consists of a manual or electric pump, hydraulic lines and a hydraulic cylinder.

Since it is not required for regular driving operations, it is often neglected when it comes to maintenance. Of course, this means that when it is called in to action it is particularly frustrating if it does function correctly, stopping the cab from being tipped and thus preventing access to the engine.

The components of the driver's cab tipping system should be regularly inspected and, when repairs are required, high-quality components must be used.