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Complete Timing Drive

Timing Belt Replacement Kits

When the timing belt is due for replacement, all other parts of the timing drive should be replaced at the same time as they are also subject to wear and tear. This is why timing belt kits from febi contain all of the necessary components required for a professional and complete belt replacement.

Depending on the vehicle application, each kit includes the timing belt, tensioner, idler pulleys and water pump (supplied with seal if required). Additionally, fixings and a service replacement sticker are also provided. 

febi Timing Belt Drive

Your Benefits at a Glance

All in One Box – a complete and professional repair solution by providing all of the required parts in one box.

Leading Range – over 330 Timing Belt Kits, covering up to 90% of all popular vehicles in Europe. In addition, febi offers an improved coverage of more than 220 Timing Belt Kits with Water Pump.

Premium Content – by using OE suppliers, febi guarantees that the products inside the box are of the highest quality.

Quality Standards – all products go through a stringent 3-stage inspection process to ensure that they meet the high quality standards of the bilstein group.

Optimum Materials – belts are made of top quality synthetic rubber and hardwearing polyamide fabric with a fiberglass tensile member twisted both anticlockwise and clockwise.

Fast to Market Approach – thanks to our dynamic new vehicle research process, we guarantee that we will always have the engine timing products for the latest vehicle generations.

Convincing in Every Aspect

Timing Belts Engineered in Germany

Timing belts must meet the highest production standards as they perform an important function in the engine. In contrast to auxiliary belts, they are not frictionally engaged – but rather interlocked – which means that they must not slip under any circumstances. A slip could potentially lead to serious engine damage, which makes the quality of each individual timing belt even more important.

To guarantee the highest levels of product quality, febi sources its complete range of timing belts exclusively from selected OE suppliers – a large proportion of which are produced by a leading manufacturer from Germany.

The febi Manufacturer Guarantee

Our Quality Promise – Your Added Value


To underline our high product quality standards, we are providing a 3 Year Manufacturer’s Guarantee for all of our replacement parts – exceeding the statutory warranty.  


Best Support for Every Customer

febi Timing Belt Repair Solutions

The customer is always our central focus, which is why we offer our belt drive products in various combinations to provide our customers with the best possible support.

You can choose from three different options:

  • Individual Components – to optimise sales opportunities and offer an individual component repair
  • Timing Belt Kit – for an economical repair solution, we offer kits without the water pump
  • Timing Belt Kit with Water Pump – our recommended repair solution. This includes the water pump and all other required parts – all in one box

Simple but Clever:

All in One Box

Are unnecessary workshop visits generating additional costs? Are you missing key components that result in a delay to the complete repair? Are individually packed replacement parts taking up too many storage locations?

To ensure that our customers can work as time and cost-effectively as possible, we regularly analyse trends in the Independent Aftermarket and consistently develop new and supportive solutions.

Our timing belt kits with the water pump included contain all of the essential elements for a complete and professional repair. All in One Box!

Core Strength

Timing Belt

A febi timing belt is made up of four main material components, a polyamide fabric, elastomer body, tensioning cords and the backing fabric. The timing belt’s core strength starts in the production process, by precisely bonding all the materials together. The specially formulated hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber (HNBR) sheets are heated, and then rolled to a consistent defined dimension.

This prepared material is then added to the tension cords. These materials are set into a mould, adding backing and tooth fabrics before being vulcanised. Each belt is precisely cut to size, then quality tested before being packed, ready for use.

Perfect Tension and Guidance

Tensioner and Idler Pulley

The timing belt requires precise control as it links the various driven components of the engine. The idler or guide pulleys and tensioners (as required) guide the belt from pulley to pulley. This is designed to ensure efficient engine operation and to certify the perfect tension. The intention is to increase the arc of contact, ensuring that as many belt teeth as possible are in mesh when high power outputs are transmitted. The design also steadies the sections in the belt drive that tend to generate unwanted vibrations.

The tensioner is positioned on the slack side of the belt. Subject to engine design, various tensioner types are used to generate the required belt tension in the timing belt drive to keep it as constant as possible during temperature and load differences.

The latest generation of tensioning pulleys have an "adjustment range" in which they automatically compensate for belt length differences. However, the function of the tensioning pulley or the tension of the timing belt must be checked (during the inspection) and corrected if necessary.

Keeping it Cool

Water Pumps

The water-cooled internal combustion engine relies on coolant being pumped around the engine block and cylinder head by the water pump. This is to prevent overheating and thermal distortion caused by heat from the combustion process.

As the coolant is pumped through the engine casing, it absorbs heat. It then circulates through a radiator to be cooled, before returning to the casing for the cycle to be repeated. Over a four-year period – or 100,000 km (62,000 miles) – an average of 1.7 million litres of coolant is pumped through the engine as the water pump impeller rotates thousands of times.

Technical/Product Video

Timing Belt Kit Replacement

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