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Engine Thermal Management

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febi Engine Thermal Management Parts

A combustion engine must operate in a certain temperature window in order to function optimally.

To prevent the engine from overheating and causing serious damage to the mechanics, the heat generated by the engine cooling system during engine operation must be effectively dissipated to the environment.

Various components of the engine cooling ensure that the temperature is always at an ideal level. To ensure that they work flawlessly at all times, they are intensively tested by Ferdinand Bilstein.

Our certified quality management tests the offered wear parts for the engine cooling to various requirements and loads such as accuracy, dimensional accuracy and material quality.

febi Engine Cooling Components

The Advantages at a Glance

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Strict quality standards

Übersicht der Vorteile von febi Motorkomponenten

Precision fit

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Compliance with vehicle
manufacturer requirements


for the Perfect Temperature

The engine temperature is controlled by means of cooling liquid and a thermostat.

The latter ensures that the engine reaches its ideal operating temperature as quickly as possible and then continues to maintain it. A faulty or blocked thermostat can lead to engine overheating. This can result in considerable engine damage.

For this reason, Ferdinand Bilstein only offers thermostats in tested OE matching quality. The product range includes thermostats for all common vehicle types in various temperature ranges, with or without a venting valve.

febi Thermostat für PKW

Water pump

for the Right Cooling

febi Wasserpumpe für PKW

The task of the water pump is to circulate the cooling liquid and to ensure the circulation required for the heat exchange in the engine.

In order to be reliable over a long period of time, wear parts must be robust and durable.

A typical wear part is the mechanical seal that seals the water pump shaft. It is a quality feature on a water pump.

This mechanical seal is of complex design and is made of certain materials, for example ceramic. If it leaks, the vehicle leaks coolant, which can lead to engine damage due to overheating. For water pumps from Ferdinand Bilstein only the highest quality mechanical seals are used.

Check of surrounding components

When replacing the water pump, the surrounding components should also be tested for wear.

This applies in particular to the timing belt, which drives the water pump and becomes susceptible to deformation and hardening with increasing service life.

Ferdinand Bilstein offers complete timing belt sets, which includes all the required individual parts (including belt tensioners, deflection and tensioning rollers), which are necessary for a professional timing belt change.

febi Schraubenschlüssel für PKW

Radiator fan

for Fresh Air

febi Kühlerlüftern für PKW

Electronically controlled radiator fans are present in almost all vehicles. They play an important role in controlling cooling airflow as required.

They generally consist of an electric motor, which is controlled by the engine control unit as required. Furthermore, there are fan couplings, which can be found in older vehicles.

They consist of two discs, between which there is liquid (silicone oil). One disc is driven by the engine; the other is connected to the fan blades. If cooling is required, a bimetallic spring ensures that the liquid between the discs is transferred by adhesion to the other disc.

The more modern version is an electronically controlled fan coupling. It is similar in construction, but the rough regulation of the bimetallic spring is replaced by the fine regulation of a motor control unit. As a result, precise fuel control saves fuel and relieves the environment.

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