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Lubricates, cools, protects

To avoid unnecessary friction between engine components, the engine is lubricated with oil. As a result, the engine components are cooled and protected against corrosion.

At the same time, the oil ensures that wear particles, combustion residues and other contamination are removed. Correspondingly, reliable quality should be ensured for all wear parts of the engine lubrication, such as the oil pump, the oil cooler or the oil pan.

febi bilstein has a comprehensive range of products in tested OE matching quality for all current European brands and models. Our certified quality management tests the offered parts for different requirements and loads.

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Oil pump


In order for the engine to be lubricated continuously and evenly, the oil has to circulate non-stop. This task is performed by the oil pump.

Failure of this part can result in serious engine damage. Therefore, the functionality should be checked at the slightest hint with an oil pressure gauge.

To ensure that the engine is supplied continuously and with the oil pressure and oil quantity specified by the vehicle manufacturer, oil pumps from febi bilstein are intensively tested. The product range exclusively includes oil pumps that meet or even exceed the vehicle manufacturer requirements for pressure and flow.

Check of surrounding components

When replacing the oil pump, the surrounding components should also be tested for wear. This applies, in particular, to an existing pressure relief valve, which should be replaced at the same time when replacing the oil pump.

Furthermore, the oil pump drive should be tested, e.g. timing chain and sprocket. If these components fail, the next comprehensive repair can be carried out immediately.

febi bilstein offers complete oil pump sets for certain types of vehicles, which contain all the required parts for a proper exchange.

Oil cooler


Modern engines are increasingly demanding more and more power with ever smaller displacement.

As a result of the increasing specific performance, the engine oil is also subjected to considerably greater stress than in previous engine generations. It becomes very hot due to great stress, which adversely affects durability in particular.

The oil cooler has the task of cooling the engine oil and protecting it from excessive thermal stress. In order to maintain the characteristics of the engine oil, permanent heat dissipation is necessary during oil cooling. The temperature is considered optimal at about 90 – 100 degrees Celsius. If the temperature rises only 10 degrees Celsius, the function and service life of the engine oil are already negatively affected.

Construction of an oil cooler

Oil coolers today consist of pressed aluminium plates, which are manufactured in a layer construction. The oil can freely circulate between these individual plates without great pressure loss.

All oil coolers offered by febi bilstein are tested intensively by our certified quality management for different requirements and loads (e.g. accuracy of fit, dimensional stability, material quality).

Heat exchanger


An impeccably functioning cooling system is required to rapidly reach the operating temperature and to rapidly heat up the vehicle cabin. In addition, it maintains the operating temperature of the engine within the prescribed limits despite changing loads.

An indispensable component in the cooling system of the vehicle is the heat exchanger. It has the task of directing part of the cooling water and thus the waste heat of the engine as heat energy into the vehicle cabin.

A defective heat exchanger may have unpleasant and even dangerous consequences. A no longer functioning heating system with the typical consequences is only a problem. Particularly tricky is the fact that the defect in the heat exchanger can occur suddenly or very gradually.

Heat exchangers from febi bilstein meet or exceed all the requirements of car manufacturers.

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