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Smooth Transitions

with febi Drivetrain Parts

Ausführung von Antriebs-Artikel in Erstausrüstungsqualität

The drive system transmits the power of the engine to the wheels thereby and thereby sets every vehicle in motion.

Numerous components work together to accomplish this central and complex task. Only high-quality parts should be used in order to harmonise them perfectly.

Ferdinand Bilstein exclusively carries OE matching quality drive system products. The wide assortment ranges from drive shafts and complete drive shaft joint kits to wheel bearings and wheel hubs to joint discs and axle collars.

febi Drive System Components

The Advantages at a Glance

Übersicht der Vorteile von febi Motorkomponenten

Precision fit

Übersicht der Vorteile von febi Antriebs-Komponenten

High resilience and longevity

Übersicht der Vorteile von febi Motorkomponenten

Strict quality standards

Übersicht der Vorteile von febi Motorkomponenten

Compliance with vehicle
manufacturer requirements

Supporting the Vehicle with Every Twist and Turn

The wheel bearing assembly plays an important role in transferring the driven force of the transmission to the wheels, whilst enduring the weight of the vehicle via the bearings. This enables a low rotational resistance and the transfer of axial and radial forces. In addition, the assembly supports the wheel hub, wheel and brake disc (or drum) and incorporates the wheel speed sensors for any driver assistance systems.

As your No. 1 for wheel bearing kits & wheel hubs, febi makes sure that all its wheel hub assembly components are of the highest quality.

febi Wheel Bearing Kits & Hubs

Your Benefits at a Glance

Highest Quality – all febi wheel bearing kits are designed, specified and manufactured to be direct OE replacements.

Right Range – with a coverage of up to 95% of the required vehicle applications in Europe, we offer a competitive range of wheel bearing kits.

Range Expansion – febi constantly develops its wheel bearing kit range to ensure we provide the right parts at the right time.

Fit & Forget – protected by our 3 Year Manufacturer Guarantee, all products are precisely produced, easy to fit and ensure the highest levels of safety and durability.

Testing and Endurance

All materials used in wheel bearings, hubs and wheel fastenings are checked for hardness, strength and mechanical properties, as well as for accuracy of size and functionality. Additionally, a wheel bearing is run under a salt and mud spray test for numerous hours in order to evaluate lubrication and seals for durability. Rotational testing: wheel bearings are examined for abnormal sounds, cracks, damage and any other abnormalities after reaching a test stage of over three times their typical product lifespan.

In-House Production

of Wheel Hubs

A selection of wheel hub and bearing assemblies are purposefully built at our own manufacturing facility, bilstein group Engineering. Wheel hub production starts with a steel blank, which is machined on a CNC lathe to the exact dimensions. If any hardening of the metal is required, this is applied according to the specification. This is followed by any finishing prior to assembly of the wheel bearing, which may require a further hardening process.

After this, the wheel studs and the wheel speed sensor reluctor ring are added (as required) prior to packaging - ready for shipment.

All products go through a stringent 3-stage inspection process (against the OE equivalent) to ensure they meet the high bilstein group quality standards.

Wheel Bearing Inspection and Replacement


Transferring the engine torque to the road

The driveshaft assembly plays a vital role in transferring the driven force of the transmission to the wheels. At the same time, it has to flex and turn with the independent suspension system, enabling low rotational resistance and transferring axial and radial forces to the driven and steered wheels.

febi driveshafts are manufactured and engineered to the highest quality standards ensuring they meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturer’s specifications in fit, form and function.

Replacement using a new febi driveshaft will reduce the time a vehicle is at the workshop, making the repair less costly and timely, and decreases the customer’s inconvenience.

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