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The body provides something like a skeleton for each vehicle.

Over decades, the body has been expanded by numerous components that have become technically more and more complex over time: from mirrors, to door locks up to power windows.

Ferdinand Bilstein offers a large number of chassis and interior spare parts, which are tested intensively for various requirements and loads by our certified quality management. 

febi Chassis and Interior

The Advantages at a Glance

Übersicht der Vorteile von febi Motorkomponenten

Optimal accuracy of fit

Übersicht der Vorteile von febi Karosserie- und Innenraum-Komponenten

High-quality production materials

Übersicht der Vorteile von febi Motorkomponenten

Strict quality standards

Übersicht der Vorteile von febi Motorkomponenten

Compliance with vehicle
manufacturer requirements

No Compromises in Quality

Many bonnets are not held open by a support rod, which has to be latched by hand, but by means of a gas pressure spring.

The pressure inside the gas pressure spring also allows for convenient opening and closing of the bonnet. 

The gas pressure spring consists of a piston rod and a cylinder. If the bonnet is closed, the piston rod pushes into the cylinder — the gas inside is compressed. When the bonnet is opened again, the gas expands again and holds the bonnet up. To ensure that the engine bonnet does not fall by itself, the gas pressure spring must be adjusted precisely to its weight and to the position points. 

Ferdinand Bilstein relies on constant premium quality for gas pressure springs with a long-standing aftermarket partnership with original equipment supplier, Stabilus. 

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