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Chassis technology

Chassis technology – for optimum contact

The febi premium shock absorbers guarantee secure road grip, mastering uneven surfaces, “pot holes” and abrupt braking manoeuvres.

High safety and long product life

The design of our shock absorbers, the high quality material and the precise manufacturing process ensure low operational costs and a long product life. The diameter of the plunger rod for example is 20mm, which ensures stable reactions even under heavy loading.

Likewise, the sintered metal pistons, which are designed to the specific application, guarantee optimum cushioning properties.

Constant high standard

The material used for the steering column tube is 2.5mm thick, which means it is 0.5mm thicker than designs of other suppliers. The shock absorbers have a thicker coat of paint, which contributes to the corrosion resistance. They are tested in a 500 hour salt-spray environment.