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The febi joint play tester

The patented febi joint play tester is ideal for quick and easy diagnosis of front and rear axle component problems. Even the very early onset of wear can be detected, and there is no need for a lifting platform.

You can visibly demonstrate and explain the need for repairs to customers.

The joint play tester consists of a kit for testing the axles and locking the brake.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Maximum mobility ensured due to its independence from energy sources (no power or compressed air required).
  • Testing of the suspension (front and rear axles) with the vehicle under load without interference from ambient noise.
  • The test equipment can simulate all driving situations (driving away, braking, cornering) on the front and rear axles under load.
  • The combination of both test tools allows to reliably test upper and lower suspension parts (ball joints, rubber metal bushes, connecting rods, hydraulic bearings, suspension strut bearings, etc.) to be reliably tested in their higher and lower ranges.
  • Suitable for all vehicles up to 3.5t.
  • Developed through and for practical use.
  • The joint play tester was designed by a motor vehicle master technician and has undergone constant development.

Available under febi 80122