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Timing Chain Kits

The best all

Perfect for a long product life!
febi Steuerkettensaetze are distinguished by top quality and contain all required wear parts. So you ensure a professional repair of the chain drive. To ensure a long engine life, all components of the timing chain kit should be replaced. Chains and sliding rails are also available as individual parts.

Perfect for almost all vehicles!
febi offers you the maximum choice. We offer more than 75 timing chain kits which fit over 95% of all cars types. The individual timing chains are, of course, also available for Asian vehicle types.

Perfection Made in Germany!
Using febi timing chain kits, you can trust experience. Because we use original IWIS timing chains.
The German company is market leader in the timing chain sector and renowned for the top quality of its products.

Perfect for top customer satisfaction!
We give you a 5-year or 100,000 km quality guarantee on febi timing chain kits* (subject to use of the correct engine oil recommended by the manufacturer and subject to compliance with the replacement intervals recommended by the manufacture).

*Guarantee refers to the timing chain.