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Steering technology

Steering technology – our star line-up

As the transport volume increases, the requirements on vehicle performance and handling also rise. Steering is of particular importance here, as it must ensure controlled handling under various road conditions. Precision in manoeuvring and driving situations is required as well as the highest steering comfort.

Safety and quality

Steering technology is one of febi’s core product lines. All steering parts, such as track rod ends, track rods, drag links and king pins are intensely tested for varying requirements and capacities. To ensure high quality, every febi supplier is certified by our quality management.


febi bilstein knows the demands of diverse markets. That is why, for example, our customers can purchase tie rods complete with nuts and springs, or, if requested, the new design with Enko-nuts.

  • King pin kits
  • Axle struts
  • Wishbones
  • Drag links
  • Drag link ends
  • Axle strut repair kits
  • Track rods
  • Track rod ends