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Pneumatic – it's all down to the right pressure

Compressed air-operated systems are indispensable components of commercial vehicles. Control valves automatically regulate, for example, the pressure distribution during braking depending on the individual load. All components must be able to withstand a great deal of pressure. If the compressed air generated in the compressor is conducted via control valves to the cylinders or suspension bellows, this can quickly create system pressures of more than 10 bar.

In order to ensure that there is no loss of pressure, all of the individual components – such as compressors, air processing units and control valves – must be precisely adjusted to one another and remain tight in the long term.

This is why the febi range of products boasts a large selection of high-quality spare pneumatic parts – to the usual OE quality of course.

  • Air-drying cartridges
  • Working cylinder for injection pump
  • Shut-off valve for compressed air system
  • Coupling head
  • Plastic pipe
  • Air coil
  • Compressed air cylinder for engine brake
  • Diaphragm cylinders