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Engine technology

Engine technology – the driving force

Diesel engines keep the flow of our goods traffic moving. In order to perform optimally every day, the engine timing must operate correctly and reliably, especially on commercial vehicles.  Because if breakdowns do occur, this can result in huge economic losses for the haulier.

Minimise the risk of breakdowns by always using febi’s quality parts when carrying out professional repairs on commercial vehicle engines. We have the right parts for every type of vehicle and every engine design. This includes, among others, oil pumps, water pumps, chain tensioners, camshafts, valves, tappets (e.g. made of tungsten carbide), rocker arms and body pivots.

Quality you can rely on

High-quality products are our top priority, we leave nothing to chance. Water pumps, which ensure optimum coolant circulation at all times, are a prime example. Long-term tests and vacuum tests ensure that, prior to delivery, all major components such as bearings, shafts and rotating mechanical seals meet our high quality standards.

Everything for the belt drive

febi’s vast range of belt drive components, which is unique in the aftermarket, serves not only the “Big Seven” of the commercial vehicle manufacturers – Mercedes-Benz, MAN, Iveco, DAF, Volvo, Renault (RVI) and Scania – but also all European bus types. In addition to the complete range of belt tensioners, tension rollers, deflection pulleys and freewheeling pulleys, this impressive range features over 130 v-ribbed belts. And to ensure that you can save even more of your precious time, all of the components are of course also available as complete repair kits.