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    Important product information! Wheel nuts 26587 / febi 46663

    Ferdinand Bilstein GmbH + Co. KG expressly draws attention to the fact that the wheel nuts febi 26587 (packaging unit 20) or febi 46663 (packaging unit 1) are not combinable with the wheel types RC31-706, RC31-707 and RC31-808 from the manufacturer Brock Alloy Wheels.

    The webbing dimension of the wheel types specified is too small, because of which the wheel nuts project above the rims. The necessary pre-tension is therefore not generated and the wheel nuts could get detached.

    If febi 26587 or febi 46663 are fitted, it must be done exclusively with compatible original rims or original accessory rims of the vehicle manufacturer.

    If pure accessory rims are involved, the webbing dimension/mounting dimension must be checked without fail. It should be at least 13.5 mm. The wheel nut (sub-head size 12.5 mm +0.2 – 0.7) must not project from the rim.

    Information on the affected rims of Brock Alloy Wheels Deutschland GmbH:

     Wheel type  

     Wheel size   


     Certificate no. 

     RC31-706 ET38 JF3 67,1   

     7Jx16 H2



     RC31-707 ET38 JF3 67,1

     7Jx17 H2



     RC31-808 ET38 JF3 67,1

     8Jx18 H2



     RC31-808 ET25 K4 106,1

     8Jx18 H2



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