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    febi Truck Division brings out new cabin catalogue

    Under the slogan 'febi puts together what belongs together', febi bilstein now presents its range of cabin components in a new catalogue including the most recent product range of cabin tilting devices.

    With 300 items from 18 different product groups, the catalogue illustrates an extensive range of spare parts to fit makes such as Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Iveco, DAF or MAN. Parts can be found quickly thanks to a clear layout by item group and model.

    New product group in the cabin tilting devices catalogue

    The new line in the catalogue is dedicated to the repair of tilting device components. Defects in vehicle parts occur due to both age-related and thermal or environmental impacts. These components should be replaced as soon as initial wear is detected to avoid increased repair costs. Among other things, febi bilstein offers tilting cylinders, hydraulic pumps or latches for this purpose.

    Smart Repair solution from febi bilstein

    Some manufacturers only offer the option to replace complete assemblies when individual components are faulty. In contrast to this, febi bilstein's new cabin range also includes individual spare parts in OEM quality - a cost-effective solution which saves hard cash. Take the cabin support for the Mercedes-Benz Actros I + II models for example: The rubber mount for the cabin's anti-roll bar is not available separately from Mercedes-Benz which means that the whole anti-roll bar would have to be replaced. The rubber mount can still be ordered separately from febi.

    Best quality at febi bilstein

    Cost saving is one of the key aims of competitors in the automotive market but the quality aspect is often neglected in the process. In tests with competitor products it was discovered, for example, that machining residues could be found in the housing of the cabin tilting pump or that sealing surfaces were poorly processed.

    At febi, quality is the top priority and is assured by continuous production and quality controls. The same also goes for the products offered in the new cabin catalogue. Each production stage undergoes checks in order to achieve the longest service life possible and meet the highest demands. Careful processing of the parts and professional pre-assembly at our premises significantly increases the longevity of febi's high-quality products.

    You can order the "Cabin Components 2011/2012" catalogue online or directly from your febi partner under item number febi 90223.

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