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    A co-operation for the future: The bilstein group becomes a supplier to the ADI group

    Their names carry weight in the automotive aftermarket and represent tradition, quality and service. After years of successful business development at the national level, the bilstein group and Autodistribution International (ADI) are now also co-operating across many countries.

    The official co-operation with the ADI group as a supplier started on January 1st 2012 and represents a significant deepening of the relationship between the ADI partners and febi bilstein, SWAG and Blue Print, the brands united under the umbrella brand bilstein group.

    The delight over the future co-operation is great on both sides. “Through the co-operation with the ADI group, the bilstein group strengthens its international market weight and adds a reliable and successful partner in the independent aftermarket”, says Jörg Hergl, Senior Manager at the bilstein group and responsible for sales in Southern and Eastern Europe. The co-operation, now also sealed by contract, is the logical consequence of broader interest overlap and potential of complement. Because where ADI and its national partners set standards for the selling of parts and workshop concepts, the bilstein group offers excellent product quality and innovative services.

    The range of the sibling brands febi bilstein, SWAG and Blue Print consists of about 47,000 different spare parts for all current cars and commercial vehicles. The bilstein group sells its products through a growing number of foreign subsidiaries in over 140 countries and employs 1,300 staff worldwide. The bilstein group does not only make its decisive mark on the world market through its quality but in particular also by its speed and innovation. The continuous dialogue with retail and workshops ensures closeness to the market which helps making important decisions for product and service optimisation. 

    Over 4,500 professional workshops in the AD workshop network can also take advantage of this. Together, ADI and the bilstein group can certainly help bring professionalism to the automotive aftermarket industry.


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