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The construction of modern chassis in automobiles is becoming increasingly complex. At the same time, owners of newer vehicle models also expect the best possible driving comfort, even on uneven roads.

Thus, rubber-to-metal parts are becoming more and more important. They are especially used with multi-link axle constructions as elastic joints between chassis and body.

Rubber-to-metal parts absorb the vibrations of the road and drivetrain units that occur during driving and thus contribute significantly to increased driving comfort and sound insulation. In addition, they ensure driving safety by improving steering performance and driving stability when the road is uneven, as well as braking and avoiding manoeuvres.

febi bilstein offers one of the broadest ranges in the field of rubber-to-metal in the spare parts market - of course, in tested OE matching quality. The assortment ranges from various bearings such as suspension struts, cross-link and stabiliser bearings, through joint discs to motor bearings. With our many years of know-how, we can reliably meet the highest standards.

febi rubber to metal components


Optimal processing for long life

Strict quality standards

High accuracy of fit

Rubber hardness complies with
vehicle manufacturer specifications

The right rubber is important


The elastomer materials used in the production of rubber-to-metal parts are exactly matched to the technical requirements and loads of their specific installation.

  • Inexpensive all-purpose natural rubber
  • Good resistance to alkalis
  • Very good elasticity
  • Tensile strength and abrasion resistance
  • Not suitable for use with petrol, oil, grease and solvent as well as high temperatures
  • Most commonly used, low cost (natural rubber) standard synthetic-based elastomer
  • Resistant to alkalis, many acids and bases, fuel and oil
  • Modern, synthetic all-purpose rubber with a wide application range
  • Excellent resistance to ageing, ozone, sunlight, weather and environmental influences, alkalis, various bases and chemicals
  • Particularly resistant to hot water and steam, therefore suitable for seals, moulded parts and hoses
  • Special synthetic rubber for rubber parts with high demands on the swelling resistance to fuel, oil, grease and aliphatic solvents
  • Most widely used synthetic rubber with a wide application range
  • Particularly resistant to ageing, weather, environmental influences, ozone and sunlight, alkalis, chemicals, acids and bases

Hydro bearings for premium models

The rubber components in rubber-to-metal parts cannot absorb all vibrations in the chassis. Therefore, hydraulically dampening elastomer bearings (hydro bearings) have been developed which consist of a metallic outer sleeve into which a specially shaped rubber material with fluid chambers and flow channels is embedded.

Due to the damping properties of the liquid occurring in addition to the rubber core, the optimum oscillation reduction is thus achieved even in higher frequency ranges with smaller amplitudes. Hydro bearings are mainly used in the models of premium vehicle builders.

febi bilstein offers a wide range of hydraulic bearings for various European vehicle brands and models — of course, in tested OE matching quality.

Flexible discs - by SGF and febi

SGF drive joints guarantee comfort. They effectively and safely dampen noise and vibrations in the vehicles of premium brands world-wide. febi bilstein exclusively offers a complete assortment of OE-quality drive joints in the spare parts market.

Advantages of the SGF joint discs:.

  • 100 % Made in Germany
  • Double service life
  • Optimal torque transmission thanks to Tenpu thread technology
  • Same performance with smaller size or more power with the same size
  • Transfer of kink angles up to 5 °
  • Axial offset compensation of ± 2 mm

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